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Jason Mraz Goes Full Bernie Bro in Cringy Pro-Sanders Music Video

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz just dropped a Bernie Sanders anthem and music video with the song title, “Vote Louder.” It starts off, “Yo, I know, I know, I know I should probably stick to music. So I put this to music.” The track is as cringy as you’d expect. And I’m pretty sure the reggae beat is cultural appropriation. Real woke, Jason. Jason Mraz just popped up from 2008 to drop a pro-Bernie Sanders track on YouTube. It’s Sanders’ second celebrity endorsement in 24 hours. Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan…

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NYT Endorsement Shows Democrats Are Determined to Lose to Trump

The New York Times endorsement of Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar is a first. The paper has never endorsed two candidates before. Disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters responded: “#IEndorseBernie.” Democrats just can’t seem to rally behind one leader in 2020. That helped Donald Trump win in 2016. The bumbling, divided Democrats are doomed to repeat history in 2020. Donald Trump keeps calling them the “Do Nothing Democrats.” But they keep proving themselves worthy of the name. Democrats can’t even pick one candidate they support to challenge Trump in 2020. Even the…

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How the Federal Reserve Could Hand the 2020 Election to Bernie Sanders

The Federal Reserve is reportedly considering loaning money to hedge funds for them to make risky bets. Fed policies have greatly benefited the rich and led to massive U.S. wealth inequality. That benefits Bernie Sanders as he strives to defeat Donald Trump in 2020. Bernie Sanders has been rising fast as a 2020 presidential contender, and recent polls suggest that he’s doubled his lead over Donald Trump and would clobber him in a head-to-head election. Source: Twitter It’s increasingly clear that Sanders has a viable path to the presidency, and…

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Elizabeth Warren Made A Fatal Error Attacking Bernie Sanders’ Credibility

Bernie Sanders is facing allegations of sexism from sources close to progressive rival Elizabeth Warren. The Senator from Massachusetts has quickly learned the danger of attacking Sanders’ credibility as #ITrustBernie trended strongly all day on Twitter. Donald Trump has weighed in to stir the pot, hoping to deter a possible Sanders-Warren presidential ticket. In a story originating from four anonymous sources close to Elizabeth Warren, a frustrated Bernie Sanders allegedly stated he didn’t believe a woman could win a U.S. presidential election in 2018. The gloves are now off between…

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Bernie Sanders Takes Strong Lead in Iowa Caucus

Sen. Bernie Sanders just surged to lead the pack of Democratic candidates in 2020’s Iowa Caucus. Joe Biden is trailing in fourth place. The Iowa Caucus is only three weeks away on Feb. 3. Sources say Democrats are taking Sanders very seriously. Donald Trump is too. Bernie Sanders is favored over former VP Joe Biden by a wider margin than Barack Obama led Hillary Clinton in 2008. With less than a month before the first in nation Democratic primary, the Iowa Caucus, Sen. Bernie Sanders just took a commanding lead…

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5 Women Bernie Sanders Might Pick for V.P. if He’s Nominated in 2020

White House hopeful Bernie Sanders’ poll numbers and fundraising surged in December. And his doctors just certified him healthy enough to be president. Here’s who makes the short list of possible Bernie Sanders running mates for vice president based on hints he’s given on the campaign trail. It might be way too early to speculate on who makes the cut for Bernie Sanders’ veep pick. But it might not be. The first Democratic primary of 2020 in Iowa is only a month away. New Hampshire’s primary is the following week….

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Zuckerberg Practically Begs Bernie to Smack Him With $5 Billion Tax

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would pay more than $5 billion in wealth tax during the first year of a Bernie Sanders presidency. But the social media boss claims he wouldn’t mind the 8% hit to his net worth. Mark Zuckerberg: ‘No one deserves to have that much money’ In a live-streamed Q&A session, the Facebook billionaire eagerly affirmed Sanders’ bold claim that the 0.1% of wealthiest Americans hold obscene amounts of wealth. However, Zuckerberg declined to say what constituted the maximum wealth that an individual should be allowed to have,…

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Bernie Sanders Wants a ‘Political Revolution’ but Economy Is Humming

By CCN Markets: Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has reportedly called for a full-blown “political revolution” to fix the U.S. economy. Meanwhile, popular metrics such as the stock market and GDP point to economic vigor. In fact, since the Great Recession was over a decade ago, the economy has been expanding for the longest stretch in history. Bernie Sanders Calls for a ‘Political Revolution’ Bernie Sanders appeared on Fox News Sunday to give his opinion on directing the future of the U.S. economy. In an accompanying article, Fox labeled his rhetoric…

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Bernie Sanders and Walmart and Robots, oh my

Home » CCN TV » What a bit! Bernie Sanders and Walmart and Robots, oh my Let’s talk about Bernie Sanders and his fight to raise the minimum wage but with an unexpected plot twist, Walmart agrees with Bernie Sanders. Currently, Walmart’s minimum wage is $11 an hour with an average age of $17 an hour according to Walmart but Sanders is looking to raise the $11 an hour to $15 an hour. With that increase, the workers of Walmart can actually buy stuff from stores other than Walmart. About…

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Critics Slam Walmart for Siding With Bernie Sanders on Minimum Wage

By CCN: Walmart held its annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday. Normally these are dry events, but Bernie Sanders brought plenty of drama to this year’s edition. Sanders showed up, in person, to make his demands clear. These include a minimum wage of $15 for all Walmart employees and putting hourly workers onto the company’s board of directors. Sanders Takes Shots at Walton Family Sanders has made no secret of his anti-Walmart views in the past. He criticizes the Walton family for earning $25,000 per minute while employees earn just $25,000…

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