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Coronavirus Ravages Puma as Apparel Makers Struggle to Preserve Cash

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing Puma to cut executive pay and suspend stock buybacks. Other sportswear giants, including Lululemon, have taken similar measures. Adidas went a step further and announced it would not pay rent on its shuttered retail locations. Puma’s (ETR: PUM) shareholders and senior executives are the first victims of the sportswear giant’s survival plan amid coronavirus. To conserve cash, Puma is suspending shareholder payouts and cutting or eliminating salaries. In a statement, the sportswear maker disclosed that it will suspend dividends and cut senior management’s pay by…

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Virgin Galactic’s Stock Price Is Soaring but One Man Could Cause Its Crash

Virgin Galactic’s stock is soaring again after Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas gives it an overweight rating. Last month, Jonas called the stock overvalued and asked management to dilute investors While it looks like Morgan Stanley is spot-on with its directional calls, its analysts are exerting a massive influence on the price of the stock. Retail investors have been on a roller coaster ride as Morgan Stanley analysts repeatedly change their outlook for Virgin Galactic (NYSE:SPCE). Analyst coverage has sent shares soaring from $12.00 to an all-time high of $42.00 before…

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3 Reasons Why Boeing Stock Is Crashing Even Harder Than the Dow

Boeing stock is in serious trouble, crashing 17% in the morning session. It led the Dow Jones crash Monday despite the Fed rate cut to 0%. Here are three reasons why Boeing is leading the plunge. The stock market is crashing again Monday, confirming Friday’s rally was a “Dead Cat Bounce.” As noted by CCN, steep one day rallies are common in bear markets. The Dow Jones Industrial average is faring worst so far out of the three main benchmarks. By the early afternoon, the S&P 500 Index had crashed…

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Clueless Bureaucrats Blame Apple for Tesla Driver’s Stupidity

NTSB thinks Apple should shoulder some of the blame in a fatal Tesla Model X accident. The victim in the Silicon Valley freeway accident was playing a video game on a mobile device. It’s ludicrous to blame Apple for a distracted driver’s stupidity. Regulators make unintelligible decisions and incoherent statements all the time. But in doling out blame for the death of Apple employee Walter Huang, who crashed his Tesla Model X while playing a video game, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) really takes the cake. It is clear…

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Why Tesla Stock Should Panic About China’s Auto Sales Implosion

The Chinese automobile industry is in freefall as the country deals with the economic fallout from the coronavirus outbreak. Tesla depends on China to fulfill the optimistic guidance provided by Elon Musk. Tesla probably won’t be able to meet its forecasts because of China-related headwinds. Car sales in China dropped by 92% in the first two weeks of February due to the continued fallout from the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. With the Chinese economy in the doldrums, it is looking increasingly impossible for Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) to fulfill the promises Elon…

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Are European Regulators Sabotaging Boeing’s 737 MAX?

European regulators are calling for Boeing to move important wiring in the 737 MAX. The FAA believes the wires are fine where they are. Boeing is America’s biggest exporter and delays in the 737 MAX un-grounding give European lawmakers leverage over Trump. While attention has been focused on the trade war between the United States and China, the trade dispute between America and Europe is heating up. Lawmakers and regulators may be engaging in a tit for tat as the deadline for Trump’s European trade agreement looms. Boeing appears to…

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Why I Will Never Fly on a 737 MAX

Boeing’s 737 MAX is a tainted brand and a slap in the face to the flying public. It represents a company that chose to MAXimize profits over the safety of consumers. If enough passengers refuse to fly on the plane, Boeing may be forced to re-brand its troubled jet. Boeing (NYSE:BA) has gone from being an icon of American industrial prowess to the poster child for crony capitalism, greed, and — dare I say it — downright stupidity. In its rapid fall from greatness, the company has managed to drag…

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After Stellar Quarter, Apple Boldly Predicts Growth Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Apple’s fiscal first-quarter earnings came out much stronger than expected. The company saw revenue and earnings jump in the three months ending Dec. 28. The full impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus will be felt in the second quarter of fiscal 2020 which starts after Dec. 28. Management is still guiding for revenue growth in Q2 despite the coronavirus outbreak. Shares of Apple (NASDQ:AAPL) were hit hard this week over coronavirus fears. Many believed the illness, along with the massive quarantines enacted in response, would disrupt the iPhone maker’s short term…

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Jack Dorsey Is Weird – But Steve Jobs Was a Billion Times Weirder

Jack Dorsey says he only eats ‘seven meals every week, just dinner,’ and does a ‘painful’ form of meditation for two hours every day. That’s some far out hippie living. But the Twitter founder’s routines seem downright square compared to what Steve Jobs used to do. As Dorsey follows in Jobs’ eccentric footsteps, his Silicon Valley projects reflect the cosmic scale of vision that inspired 1980s Apple. We learned something new about Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and Square (NYSE:SQ) founder Jack Dorsey this week. He’s eating more these days. Jack is known…

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The New Microsoft Edge Is a Third-Rate Chrome Knockoff

Since 2009 Microsoft’s web browsers have seen a dramatic decline in market share. The new Microsoft Edge aims at recapturing some of that lost market share. That seems unlikely to happen when Edge is now functionally the same as Google Chrome. The war between internet browsers has been raging since 2002 when Firefox came out –  unless you count Opera, which technically came out in ’95. Personally, I don’t because no one uses it. Internet Explorer was once the go-to web browser for everyone. Now its market share is less…

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