Capcom Devil May Cry Gaming Nintendo Switch 

Devil May Cry 3 Switch Release Shows Capcom Hates Nintendo Fans

Devil May Cry 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch in February 2020. The game will cost $19.99 and is digital-only. The Devil May Cry HD Collection only costs $30 on other platforms. Devil May Cry 3 is coming to Switch on February 20, 2020, but fans of the series have to put up with Capcom’s ridiculous shenanigans again. Devil May Cry 3 will cost gamers $19.99 when it comes out on the Nintendo Switch. That’s the same price as the release of Devil May Cry, as well as Devil…

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Capcom Gaming PS4 Resident Evil 

New Secret Capcom Project is Obviously a New Resident Evil Game – CCN Markets

Capcom just revealed an upcoming mysterious project, one that’s not mysterious at all. Something called Project Resistance, with the ‘RE’ letters in bright red can only mean one thing. A new Resident Evil title is coming. Is it Resident Evil 8? A new side title? So far we only know two things for sure. We know Capcom will show it at this year’s Tokyo Game Show on September 9th, and we also know something else we shouldn’t know yet. Something that’s way more interesting. The new Resident Evil is going…

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