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Coronavirus Crisis Explodes in South Korea with ‘Level 4’ Alarm

More than 30 people in city of Daegu were confirmed with coronavirus in the past 2 days. The mayor considers the virus to be a level 4 contagious disease, the highest level possible. Local officials are preparing for worse to come. Over 30 confirmed cases of coronavirus have emerged in the South Korean city of Daegu since Tuesday, bringing up the total count to a staggering 108 with the nation’s first confirmed COVID-19-related death. That prompted the city’s mayor to change the status of the outbreak from ‘cautious’ to ‘serious’….

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Dow Futures Plummet as Coronavirus Forces Shock Apple Announcement

Apple surprised stock market investors on Monday as it lowered its revenue guidance amid the coronavirus crisis. Dow futures fell after the note was released, as investors brace for more downgrades from other U.S. companies with exposure to China. A new report from the Chinese CDC claims several worrying facts about the epidemic. Dow futures dropped more than 100 points on Monday. The downturn happened after Apple noted that it would not be able to hit its revenue guidance due to the impact of the coronavirus. The move lower came…

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Coronavirus Gaming News Op-ed 

Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Gaming’s Next-Gen Consoles Under Threat

The Wuhan coronavirus has been having a huge impact on many aspects of life around the world. Gaming is also being affected by delays and cancellations due to the virus. These effects could continue to shape gaming for years and years into the future. The Wuhan coronavirus is having a huge impact on economies and industries around the world. Gaming is no exception to that. We’ve already seen a whole slew of delays and cancellations. From esports events to entire console launches, companies are putting projects on hold while they…

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Don’t Fall Prey to These 5 Cruel Coronavirus Scams

The coronavirus outbreak continues to spread, and scammers are exploiting the crisis to defraud you. Scammers are soliciting bitcoin donations to help “fight the virus,” while investors in U.S. microcap stocks are another easy target. Don’t fall prey to any of these five scams. A good scammer never lets a crisis go to waste. Even as the death toll from the coronavirus outbreak spirals toward 1,500, fraudsters are exploiting fear, greed, and even generosity to make a quick buck. Here are five cruel ways that scammers are shamelessly using the…

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Alibaba CEO’s Coronavirus Warning Spells Doom for the Stock Market

Alibaba’s CEO called the coronavirus a “black swan event” Thursday. His analysis has disastrous implications for the stock market. While he spoke, new coronavirus cases spiked at a frightening pace. The stock market seems to be shrugging off coronavirus fears since it became a pandemic last month. Amid startling news of drastic measures taken in China to contain the disease, the Dow Jones charted a new record Wednesday. But the rally did lose steam Thursday after the previous evening saw a massive spike in new cases. Chinese officials confirmed over…

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Soaring Inflation and Crashing Home Sales: Coronavirus Devastates China’s Economy

China’s real estate market is showing signs of collapse as the spread of coronavirus intensifies. Inflation is surging as the disease disrupts businesses and supply chains. A government researcher says the economic impact of coronavirus could shave as much as 1 percentage point from full-year GDP growth. Coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the Chinese economy: Inflation surged in January, home sales plunged in the first week of February and GDP growth is expected to be 1 percentage point lower in 2020. As the true cost of Beijing’s coronavirus cover-up adds…

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Coronavirus Cover Up Threatens to Topple the Chinese Government

Calls for free speech have ramped up online among Chinese citizens. The death of the doctor who was silenced for sounding the alarm on coronavirus has outraged the nation. A missing citizen journalist is the latest to add fuel to the growing resistance against government censorship. The coronavirus epidemic has shown no signs of slowing over the past week, and many are starting to look more critically at Beijing’s handling of the crisis. More specifically, Chinese citizens are starting to question whether their government’s crack-down on “rumors” has put their…

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American Airlines Coronavirus Las Vegas Sands Market News Op-ed Tesla 

3 Stocks Worth Shorting as Coronavirus Fear Grips the World

Coronavirus could soon be declared a pandemic, scientists have warned. Share price of companies with substantial exposure to China could fall. American Airlines, Las Vegas Sand, and Tesla are the three stocks that present an excellent shorting opportunity. The Chinese government has been resorting to some authoritarian techniques to curb the panic around coronavirus. After censoring reports from reputed outlets, the Communist Party of China (CPC) seems to have gotten more desperate. Now, they are checking cell phones to make sure no videos are being taken. The official death toll…

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Deadly Coronavirus ‘Pandemic’ Doubles in 6 Days; 20,000 Infections Confirmed

Cases of the novel coronavirus now exceed 20,000. Chinese president Xi Jinping warns officials to follow orders and help quell the infection. Are things about to get worse? Cases of the deadly coronavirus have increased exponentially, Tuesday, as the official infection toll reaches 20,659, with total death count escalating to 427. This marks a doubling of verified infections from a reported 9,700 confirmed cases just four days ago on the 30 January. Meanwhile, the contagion continues to spread worldwide as the coronavirus claims another 200 outside of the People’s Republic….

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Dow Reverses From Its Highs as Coronavirus Flare-Up Batters Oil Prices

Bulls and bears collided on Monday, as the Dow Jones reversed from its highs to secure a 150 point rally. ISM manufacturing impressed, helping lift the Dow early, but economists are concerned this will be a temporary peak. A slide in crude oil is weighing on the stock market. The Dow Jones came under pressure late in the session on Monday as dip-buyers ran into rejuvenated bears. A plunging oil price suggests fears over global growth continue to rage amid the coronavirus outbreak in China. While stocks rallied after an…

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