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The Coronavirus Crisis Can Reshape America’s Future – For the Better

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, American life is up-in-the-air as President Trump warns of a “rough week” ahead. It’s important to analyze an “after” once the virus has run its course and no more confirmed cases are announced. The “after” will be co-dependent on what lessons the U.S. and other countries take heed of after the crisis. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been spreading and infecting countries globally since the beginning of January. U.S. Becomes Virus Epicenter The U.S. recently became the most infected country worldwide, with confirmed cases now exceeding…

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Coronavirus Ravages Puma as Apparel Makers Struggle to Preserve Cash

The coronavirus pandemic is forcing Puma to cut executive pay and suspend stock buybacks. Other sportswear giants, including Lululemon, have taken similar measures. Adidas went a step further and announced it would not pay rent on its shuttered retail locations. Puma’s (ETR: PUM) shareholders and senior executives are the first victims of the sportswear giant’s survival plan amid coronavirus. To conserve cash, Puma is suspending shareholder payouts and cutting or eliminating salaries. In a statement, the sportswear maker disclosed that it will suspend dividends and cut senior management’s pay by…

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Coronavirus Housing Market Op-ed United States 

A $1.3 Trillion U.S. Housing Market Crash Is Imminent, and Inevitable

The U.S. housing market could lose 4% of its value. Unemployment claims and layoffs would be a headwind. Demand is expected to fall off a cliff thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. housing market is going to be one of the biggest victims of the novel coronavirus pandemic as people lose jobs and the economy comes to a grinding halt. Housing bulls have already started pulling out of the market and it won’t be long before prices start going south. The latest readings from the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index…

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Face Masks Are Useless Against America’s Biggest COVID-19 Threat

The United States’ face mask dilemma is becoming outrageous. The CDC just contradicted earlier guidance by recommending all Americans wear face masks. Other countries are upset with the U.S. for outbidding them and halting deliveries of gear. While the U.S. may secure more face masks than other countries, we’re still overexposed to our careless leaders. The face mask saga in the United States is reaching absurd proportions. The U.S. is accused of blocking face mask exports to other countries. States are receiving face masks from the national stockpile that are…

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Mainstream Media Proves They Hate Hope & Optimism By Attacking MyPillow’s Mike Lindell

MyPillow CEO and Founder Mike Lindell spoke alongside President Trump at a recent coronavirus press briefing. Lindell preached for a moment, saying “a nation had turned its back on God” and encouraged people to read the Bible and spend time with their families. Lindell also announced his company would produce medical masks to distribute to hospitals but media pundits largely ignored his philanthropy and instead bashed him. At a recent press briefing regarding the coronavirus with President Trump, Mike Lindell – founder of the MyPillow company – was called up…

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UK Coronavirus Deaths Top 2,000 as 1 in 8 Selfish Residents Ignore Lockdown

A recent poll found that 1 in 8 people in Britain are ignoring the Coronavirus lockdown. These people are still going out and interacting with people from other households. These are the people that will make the 6-month-long lockdown necessary. We’re only going to get through this coronavirus pandemic by working together. Some people haven’t gotten the message. A recent survey from OnePoll reveals that 27% of Brits are still not self-isolating. Over half of that 27% gave their reasons for not isolating as ‘other.’ A third identified as essential…

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Dow Suffers Reversal as Goldman Sachs Suddenly Gets Even More Bearish

The Dow Jones suffered a reversal on Tuesday during the last trading day of the first quarter. Goldman Sachs’ dire GDP update erased some of the optimism around Trump’s talk of a $2 trillion infrastructure package. While overall U.S. coronavirus cases continue to surge, there are some bright spots in Europe and San Francisco. The Dow Jones and broader stock market fought to extend their recovery on Tuesday, but an incredibly pessimistic GDP forecast from Goldman Sachs bludgeoned that bout of risk-on sentiment. The investment bank predicts that U.S. GDP…

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Coronavirus Market News Op-ed texas United States 

Coronavirus to Devour Texas Economy Before Spreading Throughout America

The Dallas Fed’s monthly manufacturing index crashed to record lows in March, and to levels not seen since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Coronavirus is accelerating the loss of U.S. manufacturing as production, new orders and capacity utilization plunge. Those hoping for a v-shaped recovery could be disappointed as coronavirus alters the fabric of the U.S. economy – perhaps permanently. On Monday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas released its monthly Manufacturing Index. The gauge of factory activity crashed much faster than expected and carved out an even lower bottom than…

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Coronavirus Market News Op-ed 

Banks Tell Businesses Not to Tap Their Credit Lines in Recession-Fueled Panic

Banks are starting to worry about liquidity as demand for funds is coming from all angles. Corporate borrowers who secured low-margin loans before coronavirus hit markets are being asked to look elsewhere for funds. As liquidity dries up across the board, the debt bubble in the U.S. will likely burst. There’s no doubt that coronavirus will plunge the U.S. into recession as economic activity grinds to a halt. The ‘v-shaped’ recovery that pundits were once pointing to is starting to look like a pipe dream as an epic debt bubble…

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Strain on Sovereign Wealth Funds Could Spark Another Stock Market Plunge

The U.S. stock market is at risk of a further sell-off as sovereign wealth funds ready to dump stocks. Oil prices are straining the cash-buffer of wealth funds, and selling stocks would alleviate some pressure. The U.S. economy faces additional pain as regional economies slump. The U.S. stock market has recovered by 16.3% since hitting its new low on March 23. The $2 trillion relief bill alleviated pressure off of equities. But, as sovereign wealth funds prepare to sell stocks in the near-term, equities face another sell-off. JPMorgan strategist Nikolaos…

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