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Hypocritical Impeachment Democrats Gave Obama a Pass on The Constitution

Donald Trump’s most vocal critics are pushing for impeachment because they say he violated the constitution like an unchecked monarch. Leading Democrats say if Trump is not impeached, the constitution and bedrock principles of our democracy will be threatened. But here are three clear cut instances of Obama violating the constitution to expand executive power, and those same Democrats’ responses. Democrats in Washington are dressing up their vain Trump impeachment efforts in the language of constitutional government and rule of law. But leading Democrats pushing for impeachment all supported Barack…

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Nancy Pelosi’s 2008 Quid Pro Quo with Visa

Nancy Pelosi called for articles of impeachment to be drafted against Donald Trump Thursday for an alleged quid pro quo with Ukraine. But what about her quid pro quo with Visa in 2008? Her husband profited from its IPO while Pelosi stalled a consumer credit card bill. Will House Democrats investigate her suspicious dealings for personal gain while violating securities law with insider trading? Early Thursday morning President Donald Trump egged on House Democrats pushing for impeachment, tweeting, “do it now, fast.” A couple hours later, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi…

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10 Reasons Why the Dow Crashed 450 Points on Tuesday

The Dow suffered a brutal decline on Tuesday. The stock market is on track to record its worst loss in two months. Here are ten reasons why the stock market tumbled so far today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average notched its third straight triple-digit decline on Tuesday, falling as much as 450 points during its worst sell-off since October. Here are ten reasons why the stock market performed so miserably today. The Dow is at risk of notching its worst sell-off in two months. | Source: Yahoo Finance 1. Trump…

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Hong Kong Bill Could Be Nail in Coffin for US-China Trade Deal

Trump will likely sign a bill supporting Hong Kong protests, according to reports. The bill has been vehemently condemned by China. Stocks took a hit as hopes of a U.S.-China trade deal by 2020 are squashed. President Donald Trump is expected to sign legislation supporting protesters in Hong Kong, according to a report in Bloomberg. The move would put Washington, D.C. on a collision course with Beijing and could squash any hopes of a U.S.-China trade deal before 2020.  Source: Twitter U.S.-China Trade Deal Hanging by a Thread  If passed…

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Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Are Gunning for the White House in 2024

Kanye West doesn’t seem like a viable candidate for the Oval Office in 2024, but neither did Donald Trump in 2016. He and wife Kim Kardashian are building a broad, centrist coalition for a 2024 presidential bid. Both Obama and Trump have suggested they think Kanye West could be president someday. When Kanye West said he was running for president in 2020 at the VMAs in 2015, people wrote it off as just another characteristic outburst of eccentricity and megalomania. We’re talking about the guy who appeared on the cover…

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Trump to Visit Apple’s Texas Factory as Employees’ Least-Funded Candidate

Apple insiders seem to favor a socialist Democrat if campaign contributions are anything to go by. The tech giant’s decision to continue producing desktop computers is a win for Trump. Austin is Apple’ s second-biggest hub after the Cupertino, California HQ. Trump’s visit to Apple’s Austin facility this Wednesday comes at a time when the tech giant is arguably emerging as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Trump presidency. For instance, Apple (NASDAQ: APPL) is a huge beneficiary of the 2017 tax cuts that have enabled it to return…

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Whiny Pokemon Fans Aren’t First Gamers Begging Trump to Punish Devs

Gamers have had a negative reputation online for a while. People have been asking Donald Trump to bring down games they don’t like. The trend has culminated in a petition to block the sales of Pokemon Sword and Shield. Gamers have always had a negative reputation. Back in the day, the stereotypes centered on smelling funny and having no life, but these days it’s a reputation for smelling funny and being irredeemably insane. Oh, how times have changed us. Obviously, not all gamers smell; nor are all gamers insane, though…

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Don’t Let ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’ Blind You to the Strong U.S. Economy, Abundant Opportunities

Politics is blinding some people to the strong U.S. economy. Manufacturing is starting to show signs of bottoming out. The economy could be going from deceleration to acceleration. In our polarized political environment, people’s perceptions of the economy are increasingly shaped by who is in power. This reflex is understandable. The chart below from Pew Research shows how Republicans’ economic assessment surges under Republican presidents, and Democrats’ perceptions remain muted even under today’s bull market conditions. Partisanship heavily impacts how people see the economy.| Source: Pew Research Evidence Over Partisanship…

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Dow Futures Search for Reprieve After Chaotic Selloff as Investors Assess Over-Hyped Trump Rally

Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) and broader U.S. stock market rose in after-hours trading Thursday, clawing back some of their brutal losses from the prior session. As the outlook on the U.S. economy continues to deteriorate, Bloomberg provided a sobering take on the so-called Trump rally. Dow Futures Rise; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow Futures for all three major U.S. indexes rose during the Asian session, mirroring a similar performance just 24 hours ago. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 81 points, or 0.3%, to 26,066.00….

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Impeachment Will Blow Up In Democrats’ Faces

Democrats seem determined to lose the presidential election next year. The rush to impeach President Donald Trump is just another in a long line of “nothing burgers” designed to express frustration at Democrats’ loss in 2016. One Hoax After Another The Democrats have tried to delegitimize Donald Trump from the beginning, and keep trying to dupe the American public into believing that he is not fit for office. For more than two years, Democrats tried to push a Russian collusion hoax. Everyone with a brain in their head knew that…

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