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The Coronavirus Crisis Can Reshape America’s Future – For the Better

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, American life is up-in-the-air as President Trump warns of a “rough week” ahead. It’s important to analyze an “after” once the virus has run its course and no more confirmed cases are announced. The “after” will be co-dependent on what lessons the U.S. and other countries take heed of after the crisis. The coronavirus, or COVID-19, has been spreading and infecting countries globally since the beginning of January. U.S. Becomes Virus Epicenter The U.S. recently became the most infected country worldwide, with confirmed cases now exceeding…

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Joe Rogan Just Put the Final Nail in Biden’s Coffin

Joe Rogan confirmed Biden’s biggest fear: Bernie Sanders supporters aren’t going to back him. Rogan’s wide reach is a powerful platform for Trump. Joe Biden’s lackluster support means many people are likely to avoid voting all together. The most popular podcaster on the planet just endorsed Donald Trump. Joe Rogan, who previously backed Bernie Sanders, said Friday he’d vote for Trump over likely Democrat candidate Joe Biden. While polls still show Biden as the favorite to win, Rogan’s support has all-but ended Joe Biden’s bid for the White House: I…

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Face Masks Are Useless Against America’s Biggest COVID-19 Threat

The United States’ face mask dilemma is becoming outrageous. The CDC just contradicted earlier guidance by recommending all Americans wear face masks. Other countries are upset with the U.S. for outbidding them and halting deliveries of gear. While the U.S. may secure more face masks than other countries, we’re still overexposed to our careless leaders. The face mask saga in the United States is reaching absurd proportions. The U.S. is accused of blocking face mask exports to other countries. States are receiving face masks from the national stockpile that are…

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Trump’s New York Quarantine Could Quickly Turn Into Chaos

President Trump has said he is considering a “short-term quarantine” on areas walloped by the coronavirus. Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York would be the areas affected. New Yorkers haven’t always responded well to authority, will this time be any different? Earlier today, President Trump claimed he was considering a short-term quarantine of New York. New York, New Jersey, and parts of Connecticut could be quarantined as well. As coronavirus cases continue to rise in those areas, Trump said he’d “rather not do it, but we may need it.” Source:…

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Why the Stock Market Recovery Won’t Survive the Covid-19 Depression

U.S. stocks rallied on Tuesday on hopes that Congress will pass a stimulus package. Economists forecast a recession that could be as severe as the Great Depression. Stimulus measures won’t be enough to prevent deep damage to the economy. The U.S. stock market soared Tuesday on hopes that Congress would soon sign a stimulus bill to protect the economy from the coronavirus pandemic. Congress and the White House are negotiating a rescue plan that could inject nearly $2 trillion into the economy. The emergency measure would provide direct payments of…

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Dow Futures Soar as Trump Vows to Restart U.S. Economy ‘In Weeks’

Dow futures leaped more than 600 points overnight. The bulls are cheering Donald Trump’s insistence that the U.S. economy will re-open in weeks, not months. The Dow Jones is looking at a brighter open on Tuesday despite political deadlock holding up a sorely needed fiscal stimulus package. Dow futures jumped higher overnight, ignoring the fact that politicians in Washington have failed to agree on a fiscal stimulus plan. Dow bulls appeared to cheer President Trump’s consideration of re-opening the U.S. economy in 15 days and letting the economy rip, whether…

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Trump’s Coronavirus Response Isn’t Precaution, It’s Economic Terrorism

Trump’s COVID-19 response is an abrupt, radical reorganization of our society into a war economy. But there’s not an actual war happening. While Trump calls coronavirus “the invisible enemy,” the dangers of a nationwide standstill to Americans’ freedom and well-being multiply. Singapore and South Korea have contained coronavirus better than Italy without lockdowns. But the U.S. is following Italy’s model. This past week President Donald Trump suggested he’s “a wartime president” and referred to coronavirus as an “invisible enemy.” Meanwhile, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo compared coronavirus to 9/11: …reminds…

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The Stock Market’s Only Hope Is… Tom Hanks?

As the stock market plunges, the Dow Jones has erased virtually all of its gains under President Trump. No amount of central bank or government stimulus has put a tourniquet on the bleeding. One Wall Street pundit says it’s time for Trump to bring out his secret weapon – Tom Hanks. The stock market is suffering a historic meltdown, and nothing the White House or Federal Reserve has thrown at crisis has halted the sell-off. But according to one Wall Street pundit, Trump may have an ace up his sleeve…

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Trump’s Bumbling Coronavirus Rhetoric Will Reignite U.S.-China Trade War

Donald Trump angered China by referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus” in a tweet. The war of words over the coronavirus risks cutting off diplomacy at a time when China may need to renegotiate its side of January’s trade agreement. Ultimately, the Trump administration’s rhetoric risks pushing U.S.-China trade negotiations into a more aggressive phase. Donald Trump is at it again. Referring to the coronavirus as the “Chinese Virus” in a tweet and then defending the slur later, the president provoked an angry reaction from Beijing. And with…

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Dow Jones Won’t Recover Until Trump Steps Up for Wall Street

The Dow Jones has fallen almost 13% since February highs as coronavirus panic grips the market. The Federal Reserve emergency rate cut wasn’t enough to stop the bleeding on Tuesday. Only Trump can turn things around with a wave of fiscal policies to support the economy. We learnt one thing in yesterday’s brutal selloff. This is a crisis the Federal Reserve can’t solve. Despite an emergency rate cut – the first since the 2008 financial crisis – the Dow Jones fell almost 1,000 points. It’s obvious now that central bank…

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