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BoA Strategist Thinks the Stock Market Crash Is Over, But Don’t Celebrate Yet

Bank of America’s top strategist believes the stock market crash is over. A historic relief rally for the Dow Jones has given bulls confidence that the coronavirus panic has peaked. Gloomy GDP forecasts suggest even if the floor is in, upside for the Dow and S&P 500 could be limited at best. After a horrific month on Wall Street, the stock market crash has slowed, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 rebounding off their lows. One of the investment banking world’s top strategists, Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett, believes…

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Dow Futures Plunge as Singapore Begins Coronavirus Pseudo-Lockdown

The Dow Jones set to fall by 260 points as Asia nations prepare for a feared second wave of the coronavirus outbreak. Europe’s major economies are in “free fall,” placing significant pressure on the European stock market. The Dow risks a second leg down if the number of new coronavirus cases does not subside. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is on track to drop by 300 points at market open, as fear towards a second wave of coronavirus in Asia intensifies. Even Singapore, which has well contained the virus…

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Dow Suffers Reversal as Goldman Sachs Suddenly Gets Even More Bearish

The Dow Jones suffered a reversal on Tuesday during the last trading day of the first quarter. Goldman Sachs’ dire GDP update erased some of the optimism around Trump’s talk of a $2 trillion infrastructure package. While overall U.S. coronavirus cases continue to surge, there are some bright spots in Europe and San Francisco. The Dow Jones and broader stock market fought to extend their recovery on Tuesday, but an incredibly pessimistic GDP forecast from Goldman Sachs bludgeoned that bout of risk-on sentiment. The investment bank predicts that U.S. GDP…

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Will Wuhan Doctor’s Dire Warnings Send Dow Jones Plummeting?

The Dow Jones slumped by 4% on Friday after Trump signed the $2 trillion relief bill. A Wuhan doctor’s warning on asymptomatic cases could add to the fear felt by the U.S. and Europe’s stock markets. With a gloomy macro landscape, researchers say stocks are headed for a deeper pullback. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) ended Friday with a 915-point drop, down 4% in a single session. The fall came swiftly after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the highly anticipated $2 trillion relief package. Now, warnings from a doctor…

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Why the Stock Market Recovery Won’t Survive the Covid-19 Depression

U.S. stocks rallied on Tuesday on hopes that Congress will pass a stimulus package. Economists forecast a recession that could be as severe as the Great Depression. Stimulus measures won’t be enough to prevent deep damage to the economy. The U.S. stock market soared Tuesday on hopes that Congress would soon sign a stimulus bill to protect the economy from the coronavirus pandemic. Congress and the White House are negotiating a rescue plan that could inject nearly $2 trillion into the economy. The emergency measure would provide direct payments of…

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Dow Futures Soar as Trump Vows to Restart U.S. Economy ‘In Weeks’

Dow futures leaped more than 600 points overnight. The bulls are cheering Donald Trump’s insistence that the U.S. economy will re-open in weeks, not months. The Dow Jones is looking at a brighter open on Tuesday despite political deadlock holding up a sorely needed fiscal stimulus package. Dow futures jumped higher overnight, ignoring the fact that politicians in Washington have failed to agree on a fiscal stimulus plan. Dow bulls appeared to cheer President Trump’s consideration of re-opening the U.S. economy in 15 days and letting the economy rip, whether…

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The Stock Market’s Only Hope Is… Tom Hanks?

As the stock market plunges, the Dow Jones has erased virtually all of its gains under President Trump. No amount of central bank or government stimulus has put a tourniquet on the bleeding. One Wall Street pundit says it’s time for Trump to bring out his secret weapon – Tom Hanks. The stock market is suffering a historic meltdown, and nothing the White House or Federal Reserve has thrown at crisis has halted the sell-off. But according to one Wall Street pundit, Trump may have an ace up his sleeve…

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Dow Futures Dive as Bloomberg Leaks Mnuchin’s 20% Unemployment Fear

Dow futures dropped 600 points overnight after the index up more than 1,000 points Tuesday. Dow bears sold off as Bloomberg broke a report claiming Treasury Secretary Stephen Mnuchin believes U.S. unemployment could reach as high as 20%. Charles Schwab believes that institutional money will be reluctant to sell and could slow the stock market crash. After a strong rally for the Dow Jones on Tuesday, confidence faded as futures dropped more than 2.8%, erasing a good portion of those gains. As risk appetite darkened overnight, Bloomberg reported that Treasury…

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3 Reasons Why Boeing Stock Is Crashing Even Harder Than the Dow

Boeing stock is in serious trouble, crashing 17% in the morning session. It led the Dow Jones crash Monday despite the Fed rate cut to 0%. Here are three reasons why Boeing is leading the plunge. The stock market is crashing again Monday, confirming Friday’s rally was a “Dead Cat Bounce.” As noted by CCN, steep one day rallies are common in bear markets. The Dow Jones Industrial average is faring worst so far out of the three main benchmarks. By the early afternoon, the S&P 500 Index had crashed…

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Dow Futures Crash 1,041 Points as Fed Capitulates To Trump

Dow futures dropped 1,041 points despite a surprise announcement from Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. The Fed made another emergency rate cut on Sunday, this time all the way down to 0%. Donald Trump cheered this effort, but Dow bulls appear unconvinced. In an incredible move reminiscent of the financial crisis in 2008, the Federal Reserve has slashed interest rates again, this time to the 0%-0.25% range, and announced $700 billion of asset purchases. Dow Plunges, Dollar Weakens After Fed Emergency Cut The Fed communicated its shocking stimulus move in…

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