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Ridiculously Fortunate Elon Musk Should’ve Lost the ‘Pedo Guy’ Defamation Lawsuit

Elon Musk wiggled out of yet another legal problem. He was cleared of defamation allegations because of extremely good luck, not to mention a dismal plaintiff attorney. The incompetence of the plaintiff’s attorney handed Musk the win. When it comes to legal issues, Elon Musk’s luck just doesn’t seem to run out. After getting a slap on the wrist for committing securities fraud that led to a lot of people losing money last year, Musk has wiggled his way out of another legal conundrum. The Tesla CEO was cleared of…

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Ford F-150 and Tesla Cybertruck to Compete in Fair Tug-of-War Battle

Tesla shows a video of a Cybertruck pulling an F-150. The VP at Ford X challenges Tesla for an apples-to-apples rematch. Elon Musk says: “bring it on.” Last week, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, introduced an all-electric pickup truck, dubbed Cybertruck. The new battery-powered vehicle was brought as direct competition to the Ford F Series, which has been the best selling pickup truck for more than 40 years in the U.S. During the unveiling of Tesla’s sixth vehicle model, Musk displayed a video of a head-to-head contest…

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Tesla Shorts Fire Back as Elon Musk Mistakenly Declares Victory

Musk replied to Twitter user @TeslaTested who claimed Jim Chanos covered his short position after having lost $175 million. Jim Chanos has since dispelled the rumors. Questions surrounding Tesla’s accounting practices remain unanswered. CEOs of large cap companies don’t usually spend their time attacking short sellers. They know if their business performs well, it will reflect in the stock price and short sellers will have no option but to cover their positions for a loss. As a result, engaging in a battle with the shorts is considered a waste of…

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Why Germany Is a Terrible Choice for the Newest Tesla Gigafactory

Elon Musk said the company will be opening its new Gigafactory in Germany. Manufacturing in Germany is expensive and European car sales are weakening. Tesla doesn’t have enough cash to fund its product pipeline. In typical Elon Musk fashion, the billionaire tech mogul took to Twitter to announce that Tesla will be setting up a Gigafactory in Berlin. Musk announced the location of the new Tesla Gigafactory. | Source: Twitter Musk added: Everyone knows that German engineering is outstanding, for sure. That’s part of the reason why we are locating…

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Elon Musk in Twitter Return Pushes Tesla’s Powerwall Over PG&E Fears

After taking a brief break from Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is back with a bang, raising the astonishing issue that bankrupt PG&E could result in rolling blackouts for the next decade. Elon Musk’s PG&E Tweet Hints at Need for Powerwall On the face of it, this appears to be a problem for Elon Musk and electric car-loving Californians, but the intent of this tweet is to pump Tesla’s new Powerwall offering. This solar-charged battery pack is a vital part of the completely sustainable solar-based system that Musk is seeking…

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Hilarious ‘Smart Summon’ Videos Prove Tesla Makes a Clown Car

It isn’t enough that Tesla cars spontaneously combust, or that they drive into things when left to their own devices. Nor is it enough that the world seems to hinge on whether or not Elon Musk and company will deliver a certain number of cars in a quarter while every other car manufacturer has no problem meeting any form of quota. With its “Smart Summon” feature, Tesla has now become a clown car manufacturer. Tesla’s Not-So-Smart Summon The “Smart Summon” feature is designed to let Tesla owners press a button…

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Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship and Humanity’s Manifest Destiny

Elon Musk tweeted Friday that SpaceX’s new reusable Starship will make “life as we know it” multi-planetary. The tweet came mere hours before a much-anticipated presentation in Texas near Boca Chica. On Saturday, Musk will reveal the prototype Starship Mark 1 and detailed updates about SpaceX’s progress. And there’s been a lot of progress. Twelve months ago the Boca Chica complex was little more than a mound of dirt. Today it’s a fully operational launch site. This week Musk teased a few interesting facts ahead of the presentation. For instance,…

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Tesla Channels Elon Musk in Not-so-Humble Model S Brag –

Tesla channeled CEO Elon Musk in its not-so-humble brag about the Model S that set a speed record at California’s Laguna Seca racetrack. | Source: REUTERS / Brendan McDermid (i), Tesla/YouTube (ii). Image Edited by CCN. Elon Musk gushed that a prototype for the Tesla “Plaid Model S” broke the speed record for a four-door sedan at the Laguna Seca racetrack in California. Musk excitedly shared the news on Twitter. He noted that the Plaid Model S would be more expensive than other Tesla models but less than its competitors….

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Elon Musk Catches Backlash for Early Flaws in Tesla Insurance – CCN Markets

Elon Musk tweeted about new Tesla automotive insurance today. Followers came out in flocks, claiming the new insurance is so much better than other companies. | Source: Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake Elon Musk took matters into his own fingers today and pumped the new Tesla auto insurance on Twitter. The rock-star smart-guy, known for space travel and smoking weed on podcasts, tweeted that his company’s new insurance should be “20% less than [average].” At the end of the tweet, he asks for “critical feedback.” He got it. Try Tesla Insurance. Should…

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In Backing Elon Musk, Has This Legendary Fund Manager Lost His Mind?  – CCN Markets

Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk continues to have the support of famed investor Ron Baron. | Source: REUTERS/Mike Blake By CCN Markets: Widely admired and successful mutual fund manager Ron Baron, CEO and chief investment officer of the Baron Funds, expressed his support for Elon Musk and Tesla on CNBC on Tuesday. What is Ron Baron Thinking? This comes as a bit of a surprise, because Ron Baron has a multi – decade history of prudent and diligent investments across all kinds of stocks. Virtually every one of his…

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