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Jason Mraz Goes Full Bernie Bro in Cringy Pro-Sanders Music Video

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz just dropped a Bernie Sanders anthem and music video with the song title, “Vote Louder.” It starts off, “Yo, I know, I know, I know I should probably stick to music. So I put this to music.” The track is as cringy as you’d expect. And I’m pretty sure the reggae beat is cultural appropriation. Real woke, Jason. Jason Mraz just popped up from 2008 to drop a pro-Bernie Sanders track on YouTube. It’s Sanders’ second celebrity endorsement in 24 hours. Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan…

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This Kid Destroyed Us for That PewDiePie Roast – And We Love Him for It!

PewDiePie posted his final video before taking a break from YouTube. After sending Felix off with a roast this week, got a lot of responses. This kid’s video was the most savage one of them all. YouTube’s most popular creator published his last video this week. At least for the time being. PewDiePie says he’s exhausted after years of making content. So he’s taking a hiatus. I thought it would be a perfect occasion to roast Pewds with a blistering review of his biggest mistakes on YouTube. That might…

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Eminem’s New Album Makes Him Less Relevant Than Ever

Eminem’s new album shows an astounding lack of self-awareness. Whose fans did he write this for? Elizabeth Warren’s? “Music To Be Murdered By” is not going to stop his slipping sales. Eminem hasn’t hit a home run since 2010. His latest album is a good way to continue that trend. It could be his worst LP since the last time they impeached a president. His single, “Darkness,” makes a powerful political statement in an election year. Making powerful political statements is not how Marshall Mathers became Eminem. Mathers used to…

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Joker’s Oscars Coup Proves Martin Scorsese Is Less Relevant Than Ever

Martin Scorsese turned down the director’s role for Joker, arguing superhero films are “not cinema.” Joker upstaged him this year with 11 Oscar nominations. Scorsese is a living legend, but his relevance is fading quickly. Martin Scorsese is one of Holywood’s most celebrated living directors. He’s also one of the most out-of-touch and blinkered. His asinine views on superhero films betray a pathological failure to adapt to changing forms of artistic expression, and that makes this year’s Oscar nominations even sweeter for comic book lovers. Scorsese Trashes Comic Books, But…

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We Need to Stop With The Lord of the Rings Games

There have been plenty of video game adaptations of The Lord of the Rings over the years. Many of these video game adaptations have been pretty high quality, but they usually manage to trample over certain elements of J.R.R. Tolkien’s canon. There probably shouldn’t be any more video game adaptations of Tolkien for a while. The Lord of the Rings is a definitive piece of fiction. Since it was released in 1954, it has swept the world. We’ve had several adaptations, from movies to games to movie-based games. In general,…

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The One Where Netflix Subscribers Grieve the Loss of ‘Friends’ on Twitter

New Year’s Eve 2019 is the very last day fans can binge-watch Friends on Netflix. They’ll have to wait until May 2020 before they can stream the beloved New York City life and dating sitcom again on HBO Max. Friends fans took to Twitter to brace for the withdrawals. To true Friends fans, very little in life cuts as deep as that final panning shot of Monica’s apartment in the series finale, resting on that yellow picture frame around the peephole on her door. The show’s disappearance from Netflix is…

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Scathing The Witcher Review Didn’t Even Watch 50% of Netflix’s Show

The Witcher dropped on Friday to rave reviews from fans. Critical responses have been less positive, leading to mediocre scores on Metacritic. One website’s reviewers didn’t even bother to watch the whole show before publishing a scathing review. The Witcher series finally dropped on Netflix this week, and fan reactions have been fiercely positive. Critical responses have been decidedly less enthusiastic. Entertainment Weekly, for example, hated the show so vehemently they slammed the first season with the worst grade possible: F. Now, whether you’re a fantasy geek or not, you…

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Twitch Streamer Stalker Is Running Rampant, Posts 400-Page Manifesto of Complete Insanity

AngelsKimi is a variety Twitch Streamer with a decent following. She seems to have gotten herself an obsessive ‘superfan’. This superfan has shown up at other streamers’ events and recently posted a hugely long manifesto demanding they start a relationship. Putting yourself out there can be difficult, especially online. Once you put something on the internet it tends to be there forever. If you’re a content creator you can end up with some pretty obsessive fans. Such is the case for a Twitch streamer known as AngelsKimi. AngelsKimi is a…

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Netflix’s The Witcher Series Sounds Like It’s Going to Be Epic

Netflix’s new series based on The Witcher has been divisive ahead of its release. Recently, an advanced screener premiered to a limited audience of journalists. Their reactions have given people a reason to be optimistic about the series. Netflix’s upcoming adaptation of The Witcher is one of the most hotly anticipated shows of the year. For many, it will supply the much-needed fix of fantasy TV that has been missing since Game of Thrones ended. Set to release in December, the show has got many fans chomping at the bit….

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Sonic the Hedgehog’s Fantastic Redesign Fails to Solve Movie’s Critical Flaws

Sonic the Hedgehog looks so much better after the redesign. But while the movie might not suck, that doesn’t mean it should win any awards. Jim Carrey is still a weird choice for Dr. Robotnik. And why in the world is this movie live-action? Sonic the Hedgehog’s fate looks immensely brighter following the release of a new trailer for the embattled film. This trailer for Sonic the Hedgehog shows off the major redesign to the character following fan backlash to the original. It looks like everything fans had an issue…

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