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PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Hit a Graphics Dead-End

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be with us by the end of the year. While previous generations have meant an increase in graphical fidelity, gamers have been warned not to expect that this time. Graphics shouldn’t be as important as visual design and mechanical improvements. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be with us soon. That means a whole new bunch of games and an increase in how good our games look. At least, that’s usually what it means. While we’re sure to get a…

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Gaming News Kingdom Hearts Op-ed Square Enix 

There’s No Way to Win the Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort Contest

Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort is a new mobile game coming out this spring. The game’s title is currently unknown, but a contest lets fans guess the name. There’s no way anyone is going to guess the right name for a KH game. Kingdom Hearts is getting a new game that is currently going under the title “Project Xehanort.” It will be coming out for mobile devices in spring 2020 and will focus on why Xehanort became the Seeker of Darkness. First off, there really wasn’t a need for another KH…

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Gaming News PlayStation 5 Sony 

Hot New Rumor Hints at Late February PS5 Announcement Date

A new leak may reveal the date of the big PlayStation 5 (PS5) announcement event. The rumored site of the event will be closed for a “private event” on February 29. This is the strongest rumor that fans have had about a PS5 reveal event. A post on Reddit has given fans the strongest piece of information about the impending PlayStation 5 announcement event. On February 29, Sony Hall in New York will be closed for a “private event.” The big PS5 event had been rumored for February and so…

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Gaming News Konami Op-ed Silent Hill 

Two New Silent Hill Games Are Coming, but Will They Be Any Good?

Recently rumors swirled surrounding possible new Silent Hill titles. A leaker has now seemingly confirmed that two new games in the series are in development. Considering Konami’s poor history, there are serious concerns for the games’ potential quality. So it turns out that the rumors are true. Silent Hill is going to be getting not one but two brand-new games. At least that’s the case according to industry leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter. Just before you get excited about it though, remember this is Konami we’re talking about. Recently they have…

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Gaming News Op-ed Sega Sonic the Hedgehog 

Will 2020 Save Sonic the Hedgehog? Don’t Put Your Ring on It

Sega has announced that 2020 is going to be the year of Sonic. News surrounding the character will be announced each month on the 20th day. This new strategy may not be enough to save Sonic’s reputation. Sonic the Hedgehog has had his ups and downs. His earlier games were classics. They really did bring speed to gaming and showed off the power of the Sega Genesis. Then things starting looking shaky around the time Sonic R came out. These days Sonic has become something of a joke to some….

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Antoine Griezmann Gaming News Grizi eSports Sports News 

Soccer Star Antoine Griezmann Launches Grizi eSports Team

Soccer start Antoine Griezmann launched an eSports team. Grizi eSports will field a roster of 20 players in five different games. Griezmann’s brother will manage day-to-day operations. French international player Antoine Griezmann is the latest high-profile celebrity to venture into the world of eSports. The Barcelona striker announced this week that he is setting up his own eSports team. The footballer is no stranger to gaming as exemplified by his now infamous victory celebration at the 2018 FIFA World Cup incorporating the Fortnite Take the L dance emote. Grizi eSports…

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Gaming News Op-ed Star Wars Battlefront 2 

Even the NHS is Screaming Warnings about Gaming’s Loot Boxes

Loot boxes are under increasing scrutiny lately thanks to stories of outrageous spending from teens. NHS mental health director Claire Murdoch has called for them to be banned. As a community and as an industry we cannot keep allowing loot boxes to exist. Loot boxes suck. It’s not exactly a hot take but it’s true. Loot boxes are a stain on the industry, at least in my opinion. Despite this many companies and gamers out there defend the practice of using them. Sometimes even in full-priced retail games. On the…

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Entertainment Gaming News Op-ed Pewdiepie Youtube 

This Kid Destroyed Us for That PewDiePie Roast – And We Love Him for It!

PewDiePie posted his final video before taking a break from YouTube. After sending Felix off with a roast this week, got a lot of responses. This kid’s video was the most savage one of them all. YouTube’s most popular creator published his last video this week. At least for the time being. PewDiePie says he’s exhausted after years of making content. So he’s taking a hiatus. I thought it would be a perfect occasion to roast Pewds with a blistering review of his biggest mistakes on YouTube. That might…

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Business News Gaming News PlayStation Sony 

It’s Not Just Sony, These Major Gaming Companies Have Also Dropped E3

Sony confirms that it will not be attending E3 2020. Some has suggested that this could be the end of E3. Sony is one of several gaming companies that have dropped out of the event. After Sony confirmed that it will not be attending E3 2020, a popular suggestion on social media was that this was the end of E3. Microsoft will be at E3 2020, likely sharing more about the Xbox Series X. But it may not be able to carry the whole event on its shoulders. Sony isn’t…

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Fortnite Gaming News mixer Ninja 

Watching Ninja Play Fortnite with His Own Skin Is Special – and a Little Weird

Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins teased a “huge announcement.” He revealed a new Fortnite skin bearing his likeness. It’s available for a limited time as part of Epic Games’ new Icon Series. After teasing what he described as “one of the biggest announcements of the year,” Fortnite legend Tyler “Ninja” Blevins finally spilled the beans. The big announcement is none other than a skin bearing likeness ported to the world of Fortnite for posterity. Ninja Gets His Own Fortnite Skin Ninja unveiled the new Fortnite skin on his Mixer stream…

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