counter-strike global offensive eSports Gaming News Op-ed 

GO Betting Could Help Esports Finally Go Mainstream

Over the past few years, esports has seen a huge amount of growth. Several crucial developments have helped esports leagues secure a position as a “legitimate” branch of the professional sports industry. One of the biggest changes in the U.S. has been the ability to gamble on these events. The esports industry is enjoying spectacular growth. Eight years after its launch, popular title Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) boasts competitive events with prize pools surpassing $1 million. As esports competitions grow in popularity, they’re crossing important milestones. And few of…

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activision Call of Duty Gaming News Op-ed 

Wait, Did Call of Duty Just Prove That Video Games Are Art?

The owners of the Humvee brand sued Call of Duty creator Activision in 2017. This suit has surrounded the use of the trucks in Modern Warfare titles. Activision just won the lawsuit, meaning that Call of Duty may have been the unlikely title to prove definitively that video games are art. Gamers have argued for decades that video games are a valid art form. Thanks to a recent lawsuit, we now have definitive legal proof that we were right all along. And from the unlikeliest of sources: Call of Duty.…

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Gaming News Sony 

Sony’s $100 Million Pandemic Donation is a Gaming Industry Wake-up Call

Sony announces a $100 million global relief fund to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. First, $10 million is being given to the World Health Organization’s pandemic fighting force. In comparison, other gaming companies have offered just thousands of dollars to fight the pandemic. In a press release, Sony announced the Sony Global Relief Fund for COVID-19. This fund offers $100 million for medical teams and first responders fighting the pandemic, children and educators, and those in the creative industry. Sony is first giving $10 million to COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund…

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Gaming News Naughty Dog PlayStation 4 Sony The Last of Us 2 

Sony Delays The Last of Us Part II – Is Ghost of Tsushima Next?

SIE has announced that it is delaying The Last of Us Part II. Sony and Naughty Dog point to logistical hurdles linked to the coronavirus pandemic as the reason for the decision. There is currently no alternative release date. Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that it is delaying the launch of Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II. The highly-anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive was due to release on May 29. The Last of Us Part II & Marvel’s Iron Man VR Delayed We knew this day was coming, no…

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Gaming News grand theft auto GTA 6 Op-ed Rockstar 

GTA 6 Won’t Be a Next-Gen Launch Title, but It Will Come Shortly After

GTA 6 might release shortly after the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. It probably won’t be a launch title, but a 2021 release is looking more and more likely. GTA 6 is bound to take advantage of new hardware, unlike GTA 5’s “remaster.” Grand Theft Auto 6 might release sooner than you think. A group of financial analysts from Intrepid Capital Funds predicts the title will launch shortly after the launch of next-generation consoles. For once, we have some GTA 6 news that isn’t a baseless rumor. This claim…

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Gaming News PS5 

Sub-$400 PS5 Price Leak Smashes All Other Rumors to Bits

The PS5 price has been listed online by a Canadian games retailer. The console will cost CA$559 or US$388, says Play N Trade Vancouver Island. The leak goes against other PS5 price rumors such as a listing from a Danish retailer that said the console would cost US$1,043. Canadian retailer Play N Trade Vancouver Island has begun to take PS5 pre-orders. In a post on its Facebook page, the retailer said that the console will be priced at CA$559 or US$388. Play N Trade also says that the PS5 will…

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Gamestop Gaming News PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X 

Only PS5 and the Xbox Series X Can Rescue GameStop’s Death Spiral

Video game retailer GameStop reveals its finances from the last financial year, confirming smaller net losses than the year before. The retailer also says that it plans to close more than 300 stores as it aims to save more money. However, these may not be enough to rescue GameStop and it will likely be up to the PS5 and Xbox Series X to save the company. In the last financial year, GameStop had what it will feel like a good year, says in a new article. The video game…

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Epic Games Store Gaming News steam 

Economy Got You Down? There’s a Ton of Free Games to Play This Weekend

There’s no shortage of free games to play this weekend. Epic Games and Steam are offering games to keep forever, alongside trial periods of popular games like Cities: Skylines and Sandstorm: Insurgency. Ubisoft is also running a multi-platform Ghost Recon Breakpoint free weekend. Whether you’re on the look-out for your next go-to or need a change of pace, there’s a ridiculous number of free games available this weekend. Digital Storefront Free Games First up, there the Epic Games Store’s trusty batch of weekly free games. This week, you can pick…

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Coronavirus Gaming News Op-ed PlayStation 5 Sony 

Is Sony Lying About How Coronavirus Will Impact the PS5 Release?

Sony claims they don’t expect the PS5 launch to be affected by coronavirus. Yet there’s reason to fear that next-gen console launches could be delayed. Either Sony is lying that there’s nothing to worry about, or they’re delusional. Sony appears remarkably confident that the coronavirus outbreak will have virtually zero impact on the PlayStation (PS5) launch scheduled for later this year. But some industry analysts disagree, and it’s not difficult to see why. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted almost every aspect of life, and the gaming industry has not been…

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Gaming News microsoft Op-ed PlayStation Sony Xbox Series X 

Xbox Series X Controllers May Be Boring – But They’re Way Better Than the PS5’s

The Xbox Series X will continue using battery-powered controllers. This is an advantage over PlayStation’s rechargeable DualShock 5. Choice wins out in the end. Arguments about whether Microsoft or Sony makes a better controller have raged for nearly two decades. Most gamepad disputes pit Xbox’s asymmetrical analog sticks against PlayStation’s parallel ones. But as the Series X and PS5 prepare to launch this year, battery design suddenly features prominently in the debate. One Business Insider columnist torches Xbox for its decision to ship Series X controllers with disposable batteries. The…

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