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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed on Twitter

Steam has been the recipient of its fair share of condemnation over the years for what are widely regarded as pretty dire terms for studios using the platform to release their games. Despite this, Valve’s platform remains the go-to store for digital video games, with publishers effectively biting the bullet of a hefty 30% cut solely for access to such a vast market. However, according to a new report published by IGN, Steam’s 30% share isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, it’s fairly standard within the industry. GoG.com, the Microsoft…

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Sony Quietly Fixes PlayStation’s Biggest Failing – Cross-Play

Sony has finally fixed its biggest PlayStation failing, albeit indirectly and with little fanfare. In what has been an arduous and at times painful feet dragging slog spanning multiple years, PlayStation 4’s cross-play functionality is now no longer in the beta stage as reported by Wired. Sony is now allowing developers to implement cross-platform capabilities as a full feature in their games if they so desire. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & PUBG Implement Cross-Play According to the brief mention of cross-play in the Wired story, there’s a suggestion that…

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PlayStation Studios Boss Picks Perfect Mic Drop Moment to Quit – CCN.com

Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced the unexpected departure of long-running Worldwide Studios chairman, Shawn Layden, bringing a close to a three-decade tenure at Sony that saw him take on a range of positions from communications assistant, head of SIE Japan to his most recent role as supremo of worldwide content. Source: Twitter Layden’s Reign Comes To An End Layden presided over what was arguably among the most prosperous periods of PlayStation’s history, first as CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America from 2014 to 2018 and then as Worldwide Studios chairman…

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Gamers Roast Terrible Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019

Doug Flutie’s Maximum Football 2019? You’ve probably never heard of it. This brand new college football sim released yesterday for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and the reaction has been, well, interesting to put it mildly. Madden and NCAA Football Within the sporting genre, American football games are dominated by one behemoth of a series, EA’s long-running Madden NFL, the latest of which released back in August. It breathes down the neck of any potential contender, reminding them that there’s no chance in hell they can rival with the might…

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PlayStation Continues Excellent 2019 Run of Monthly PS Plus Freebies

Amid the excitement of finally getting a firm release date for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II during yesterday’s State of Play, Sony unveiled October’s bundle of free PlayStation Plus games. Next month, players can dive back into the original The Last of Us, the game that propelled the franchise and the PlayStation itself to stratospheric heights and try their hand at a spot of baseball in MLB The Show 19. An odd mix, but one that continues PlayStation’s excellent run of free games. PlayStation Is Nailing PS…

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Fortnite Leaders Dominate Day 1 of Champion Series Finals

The highly anticipated finals of the Fortnite Champion Series are in full swing, bringing together battle royale hopefuls from across the world who’ve toiled away for five consecutive weeks to secure a spot among each regions’ best players. On day one, the competition produced some high tier matches, brilliantly contested wins, dominance from Fortnite’s biggest names, and its fair share of surprises. The competition’s scheduled matchmaking system had a few hiccups too, forcing Epic Games to push back both the Brazil Heat 1 and NA East Heat 1. That wasn’t…

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The Last of Us Part II Release Date Leaked by Swiss Retailer

Swiss retailer Softridge may have leaked the release date for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us Part II. A listing for the game that appeared on the site earlier today pinpoints a release date of Friday, Feb. 28 next year. Previous speculation and leaks relating to when the title might hit stores also slate The Last of Us Part II for release in early 2020, which gives the leak credibility. The Last of Us Part II Box Art Source: Softridge.ch Alongside the release date slip,…

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PewDiePie Explains Controversial ADL Donation U-Turn, Slams ‘Nazi Cross’ Alarm – CCN.com

Swedish video game commentator and YouTube’s most-popular figure Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie is never far from controversy. | Source: AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN PewDiePie’s long-awaited response to the fallout from his decision to pull a $50,000 donation from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is here. In a typically honest display, the YouTube king demonstrates why he is so popular with a personal and touching outlook on fame that shows everything his followers love about him. PewDiePie Keeps It Real Addressing ADL Donation Fallout There are several aspects of this video…

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Twitch’s Fastest Growing Channel Reveals Major Hidden Bot Menace – CCN.com

The fastest-growing Twitch channels for September 2019 have been revealed and they suggest that Twitch has a huge bot problem. This bot problem could potentially affect brand deals and how much money streamers can make from them. Data published by Dexerto reveals that the fastest growing Twitch channel for September 2019 is Animefan_30, which has added more than half a million new followers this month. That puts Anime-fan_30 above the likes of Amouranth, the streamer who was in the news because of a wardrobe mishap and NickEh30 who has gained…

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Punishingly Great Racing Sim DiRT Rally Free on Steam Right Now

DiRT Rallyt, widely seen as the best rally simulator ever, is free on Steam. | Source: DiRT Rally/Codemasters Following a free giveaway of DiRT Rally over on the Humble Store last month, Codemasters is back at it again. This time the definitive rally simulator is free on Steam until the end of today. We all love free stuff, and even more when it’s quality free stuff. There’s really not much involved either. All you need to do is simply visit Steam, search for DiRT Rally, add it to your library,…

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