Fallout 76 Gaming The Game Awards 

There’s an Insane Amount of Games You Can Play for Free This Weekend

A silly amount of games are free to play this weekend. Includes 13 demos of unreleased indie games. Conan Exiles, Wasteland 2, The Escapists, and more. Publishers must be feeling in a festive mood courtesy of the upcoming holiday period (or possibly The Game Awards). There is a ridiculous amount of free games to play today and throughout the next few days. 48-Hour-only The Game Festival Demos First up, we have the 13 unreleased game demos released as part of The Game Festival. The digital consumer event, as it’s been…

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Gaming steam Valve 

It Shouldn’t Take Government Intervention for Valve to Clean Up Steam

Valve has a bad reputation when it comes to quality control. They recently removed a slew of Nazi and Anti-Semitic content from Steam at the behest of the German Government’s media regulation authority. They’re still not doing enough to keep their store clear. Steam has something of a garbage problem. From the games on the store to the groups in the community, there is a lot of trash floating around. Valve has occasionally deigned to actually do something about it, but not anywhere near often enough. Valve recently went on…

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Gaming GOG.com steam wasteland 2 

GOG Winter Sale Rivals Steam with Festive Deals Aplenty + One Epic Freebie

The GOG Winter Sale starts today. It features over 2,500 deals up to 95% off – plus Wasteland 2 for free! It may be time to give GOG a go. The GOG Winter Sale is now live, and with more than its fair share of tempting deals, CD Projekt Red’s digital storefront is giving Steam a run for its money. Valve’s rival festive discount bonanza won’t start until Dec. 19, according to leaked dates, giving GOG over a week’s head start. If you’ve ever considered checking out GOG, there’s never…

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Death Stranding Gaming IGN 

IGN Under Fire After Removing Death Stranding From Game of Year Awards

IGN dubiously removed Death Stranding from its own 2019 Game of the Year Awards. Gamers report that it tried to rig a reader poll but support poured in for the Hideo Kojima game. Rating rumors continue to circulate as we approach the end-of-year game awards. Popular gaming publication IGN has come under fire after it controversially removed Death Stranding from its 2019 Game of the Year awards. One Redditor reports that the game was added to a Game of the Year poll even though 7,000 votes had already been cast….

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Christmas Gaming pokemon 

Here Are the Absolute Best Ways to Spend Christmas as a Gamer

The countdown to Christmas has officially begun. There are plenty of songs, shows, and games out there to play this holiday season. Below are the best video game-related media for you to enjoy this December. The Christmas season is upon us. This is a time for Black Friday-induced debt and either surrounding or avoiding Holiday-centric media as much as possible. No matter which camp you fall into, you’ll find the season hard to ignore. If you’re into the holidays enough that you want to fill every second with magic, it…

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CD Projekt Red Gaming Gwent 

CD Projekt Red Leaves Gwent Console Players High & Dry

CD Projekt Red to abandon support for console versions of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game. Progressive shutdown begins next week before operations cease next year. Players can port progress to PC or mobile versions of the game. CD Projekt Red, the Polish developer behind the acclaimed The Witcher series, announced today it is axing support for its digital collectible card game Gwent: The Witcher Card Game on console. CD Projekt Red to Abandon Console Version of Gwent: The Witcher Card Game Starting from Dec. 9, CD Projekt Red will progressively…

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Gaming Hideo Kojima PlayStation 2 Sony 

Remembering the 5 Best PS2 Games

PlayStation is celebrating 25 years this week. To go along with that, we’re listing the five best PS2 games. It’s hard to narrow the list down this far with so many great titles. PlayStation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week, and it only makes sense to mention the best console Sony has ever made: the PlayStation 2. We aren’t just remembering the PlayStation 2 but also the games that really helped it shine during its whopping 13-year lifespan. Some of the Best Games Came Out on the PlayStation 2…

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Gaming Halo XBox 

Reach Story Is All Wrong

Halo: Reach has been re-released on Xbox One and PC today. Fans of the game are celebrating it all over the internet. As much fun as the game is, the story still just feels slightly wrong. Halo: Reach is back. One of the more popular titles in the Halo franchise has made a return to Xbox and is now available on PC for the first time. Many people are obviously excited about this, myself included. It means we have access to Forge World and Firefight again for a start. Although…

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Death Stranding Gaming 

Scuffed Death Stranding Spoof Game Looks Absolutely Dreadful

Man Standing is a spoof game inspired by Death Stranding. It has a trailer and a dedicated Steam page. The “game” features more than an uncanny resemblance to the real deal. Something like this was bound to happen soon or later. An enterprising soul took it upon themselves to conjure up a rather elaborate spoof of Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding. ‘Man Standing’ Gets Dec. 10 Release Date Rather than the usual medium of a video as we saw last week, we have here an actual video game, dubbed Man Standing….

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Gaming Halo 

This Guy Beat Halo 3 on Legendary Difficulty Using a Guitar Hero Controller

SuperLouis64 beats Halo 3 on Legendary difficulty – using a Guitar Hero controller. It took a month and 252 deaths to achieve. He’s also known for other wacky runs using DK Bongos, dance pads, and bananas. There’s something about video games lend themselves to challenge. Maybe it’s the controllable environments they offer. These can be mined and deconstructed over countless hours of play. Mechanics become muscle memory. It’s a bit like a top athlete or artist honing their craft to perfection. Speed runs are impressive in themselves. Seeing a 40…

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