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Gardner Minshew Is Back for the Jags and So Is Minshew Mania

Gardner Minshew and Minshew Mania were the pleasant surprises of the first half of the season. But when Nick Foles was healthy enough to return, Jags head coach Doug Marrone had to get him back into the lineup. It appears that he has since realized the error of his ways. Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Marrone had a tough decision to make a few weeks back. His prized off-season acquisition, quarterback Nick Foles, was ready to return from a nasty collarbone injury suffered in week one. So, does he go…

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Melvin Gordon Surrender Emboldens Jaguars in Jalen Ramsey Tussle

Fans of the Los Angeles Chargers are not the only people that have been watching the standoff between the team and their star running back, Melvin Gordon. They are certainly not the only ones that were happy to see the impasse come to an end, either. Chargers fans are probably not even the people happiest to see Gordon finally join the team. That honor goes to the front office of the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jaguars, like the Chargers, have a star player that wants out of town, defensive back Jalen…

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