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JPMorgan’s Advice for Navigating Wild Stock Market Swings: BTFD

Two top JPMorgan analysts are encouraging investors to buy the dip whenever the stock market tumbles, saying any Dow plunges are temporary. | Source: REUTERS / Lucas Jackson Two top JPMorgan analysts are encouraging investors to keep calm during any forthcoming stock market downturns and to buy when the Dow Jones tumbles. Why? Because they say the dips are temporary and the stock market will eventually recover any of its lost gains. JPMorgan: Stock market will regain previous highs JPMorgan quant guru Marko Kolanovic and chief U.S. equity strategist, Dubravko…

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10 Times US Banks & Politicians Funded Terrorism Without Bitcoin

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin slandered cryptocurrencies at a press conference earlier this month. Mnuchin attempted to smear the industry with associations to money laundering and funding terrorism. He said he has “serious concerns” that bitcoin could be misused “by money launderers and terrorist financiers.” As if to underscore the part of the picture Mnuchin is leaving out, the very next day KeyCorp shares fell on news the Ohio bank has uncovered $90 million worth of fraud by a payroll processor. The reality is that mass fraud and nefarious money…

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Wall Street Disagrees on Size of Rate Cut Ahead of Fed Meeting

Most of Wall Street is expecting the Fed to cut interest rates in coming days, but the question is by how much? For the most part, economists fall in one of two camps – a 25 basis-point cut or a 50 basis-point cut. But according to one White House official, half-a-point is just not going far enough. White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow appears to prefer to see the Fed cut interest rates by 75 basis points when they meet for a two-day meeting next week, telling Fox Business: “I…

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