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BoA Strategist Thinks the Stock Market Crash Is Over, But Don’t Celebrate Yet

Bank of America’s top strategist believes the stock market crash is over. A historic relief rally for the Dow Jones has given bulls confidence that the coronavirus panic has peaked. Gloomy GDP forecasts suggest even if the floor is in, upside for the Dow and S&P 500 could be limited at best. After a horrific month on Wall Street, the stock market crash has slowed, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 rebounding off their lows. One of the investment banking world’s top strategists, Bank of America’s Michael Hartnett, believes…

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Dow Jones Market News 

Dow Futures Plunge as Singapore Begins Coronavirus Pseudo-Lockdown

The Dow Jones set to fall by 260 points as Asia nations prepare for a feared second wave of the coronavirus outbreak. Europe’s major economies are in “free fall,” placing significant pressure on the European stock market. The Dow risks a second leg down if the number of new coronavirus cases does not subside. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) is on track to drop by 300 points at market open, as fear towards a second wave of coronavirus in Asia intensifies. Even Singapore, which has well contained the virus…

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Jeffrey Gundlach Market News Opinion 

This Is Why the Stock Market Could Crash to a New Low in April

Hedge funds are in deep negative territory this year. Funds have blocked client withdrawals to avoid forced selling. Hedge funds will likely sell on every rally to liquidate their holdings. In March, the S&P 500 plummeted to this year’s low of 2,191.90. The move ended the longest bull market in history. While the $2 trillion fiscal stimulus helped the stock market recover 17% from the low, the writings on the wall indicate that it will get worse before it gets better. Hedge Funds Are Losing a Boatload of Money DoubleLine…

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Coronavirus Dow Jones Goldman Sachs Market News 

Dow Suffers Reversal as Goldman Sachs Suddenly Gets Even More Bearish

The Dow Jones suffered a reversal on Tuesday during the last trading day of the first quarter. Goldman Sachs’ dire GDP update erased some of the optimism around Trump’s talk of a $2 trillion infrastructure package. While overall U.S. coronavirus cases continue to surge, there are some bright spots in Europe and San Francisco. The Dow Jones and broader stock market fought to extend their recovery on Tuesday, but an incredibly pessimistic GDP forecast from Goldman Sachs bludgeoned that bout of risk-on sentiment. The investment bank predicts that U.S. GDP…

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Coronavirus Market News Op-ed texas United States 

Coronavirus to Devour Texas Economy Before Spreading Throughout America

The Dallas Fed’s monthly manufacturing index crashed to record lows in March, and to levels not seen since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Coronavirus is accelerating the loss of U.S. manufacturing as production, new orders and capacity utilization plunge. Those hoping for a v-shaped recovery could be disappointed as coronavirus alters the fabric of the U.S. economy – perhaps permanently. On Monday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas released its monthly Manufacturing Index. The gauge of factory activity crashed much faster than expected and carved out an even lower bottom than…

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Coronavirus Market News Op-ed 

Banks Tell Businesses Not to Tap Their Credit Lines in Recession-Fueled Panic

Banks are starting to worry about liquidity as demand for funds is coming from all angles. Corporate borrowers who secured low-margin loans before coronavirus hit markets are being asked to look elsewhere for funds. As liquidity dries up across the board, the debt bubble in the U.S. will likely burst. There’s no doubt that coronavirus will plunge the U.S. into recession as economic activity grinds to a halt. The ‘v-shaped’ recovery that pundits were once pointing to is starting to look like a pipe dream as an epic debt bubble…

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Coronavirus Market News Opinion stock market 

Strain on Sovereign Wealth Funds Could Spark Another Stock Market Plunge

The U.S. stock market is at risk of a further sell-off as sovereign wealth funds ready to dump stocks. Oil prices are straining the cash-buffer of wealth funds, and selling stocks would alleviate some pressure. The U.S. economy faces additional pain as regional economies slump. The U.S. stock market has recovered by 16.3% since hitting its new low on March 23. The $2 trillion relief bill alleviated pressure off of equities. But, as sovereign wealth funds prepare to sell stocks in the near-term, equities face another sell-off. JPMorgan strategist Nikolaos…

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Coronavirus Dow Jones Market News Opinion Wuhan 

Will Wuhan Doctor’s Dire Warnings Send Dow Jones Plummeting?

The Dow Jones slumped by 4% on Friday after Trump signed the $2 trillion relief bill. A Wuhan doctor’s warning on asymptomatic cases could add to the fear felt by the U.S. and Europe’s stock markets. With a gloomy macro landscape, researchers say stocks are headed for a deeper pullback. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) ended Friday with a 915-point drop, down 4% in a single session. The fall came swiftly after U.S. President Donald Trump signed the highly anticipated $2 trillion relief package. Now, warnings from a doctor…

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COVID-19 Market News Op-ed Warren Buffett 

Dividend Stocks Are a Great Option During a Recession – Here’s Why

Stock market volatility is high due to uncertainties regarding Covid-19 and how it will impact the economy. Dividend stocks usually withstand economic shocks better than growth stocks. High and sustainable dividends provide some buffer to your portfolio as you keep getting them during market downturns. Stock markets have been very volatile lately as a coronavirus-induced recession is looming. But a recession does not necessarily mean that you’ll lose all your money. Even when markets are plunging, you can still make money on stocks. High-yield dividend stocks can be an excellent…

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Coronavirus federal reserve Jerome Powell Market News 

Alarming Message in Rare Fed Chair Interview

Fed Chair Jerome Powell did a rare interview on “Today.” While his appearance was alarming in itself, the Federal Reserve Chair’s conflicting messages sent a worrisome signal about the economy. If there’s “nothing fundamentally wrong with our economy,” why is the Fed pumping $4 trillion into it in one fell swoop? Fed Chair Jerome Powell sat down for an extremely rare interview on the “Today” show Thursday. NBC’s “Today” headlined the story with a quote from the Fed Chair: There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with our economy But if that’s true,…

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