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President Trump Just Delivered A Death Blow to Amazon

President Trump just issued landmark anti-counterfeiting regulations. The new customs framework addresses the problem of counterfeit goods. It will put Amazon on the hook for policing counterfeit goods. The Trump administration’s move fundamentally threatens Amazon’s operating cost structure and its long-term growth strategy. Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) has an existential challenge ahead. The Trump administration unveiled new rules to combat counterfeit and pirated goods Friday. The new policies, which were published by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), will do what the courts have largely opted not to do: hold Amazon responsible…

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Dow Flatlines While Jamie Dimon Warns of Fed Policy ‘Trap’

The promise of further tax cuts from Donald Trump and receding fears over the Wuhan coronavirus in China lifted the stock market on Wednesday. The Dow Jones lagged the S&P 500 and Nasdaq as Boeing stock continued to struggle. Jamie Dimon and Scott Minerd revealed what risks are lurking in U.S. financial markets. Donald Trump gave a jolt to the Dow Jones and broader U.S. stock market on Wednesday by teasing more growth-friendly tax cuts. The Dow was a notable underachiever, though, rallying just a few points as Boeing’s ongoing…

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CEO Pessimism About the Economy Is Getting Worse; Will This Affect U.S. Stocks?

CEO pessimism is at the highest level since 2012. The stock market will likely keep rising as CEOs continue authorizing stock repurchases. The Federal Reserve will keep pumping liquidity and keep the longest bull market alive. Business consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) recently released its 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey. The poll asks chief executives around the world about their global economic outlook for the next 12 months. Last year, nearly 30% responded that global economic growth would decline in the next 12 months. A year later, these CEOs were right…

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Big Tech’s “Political Reckoning” May Fuel A Stock Market Crash In 2020

Legendary debt economist Anatole Kaletsky believes political headwinds for “Big Tech” could trigger a stock market crash. The monster rally in the Nasdaq has largely been fueled by gains in trillion-dollar companies Apple and Google. Accusations of monopolistic tactics and privacy scandals are potential catalysts for a “reckoning” for stocks in 2020. With all major U.S. stock indexes close to record highs, cautious investors are considering where the risks to their fat profits might come from. Influential economist Anatole Kaletsky, author of the legendary 1980’s book “Costs of Default,” believes…

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Larry Ellison’s $1 Billion is Better Off Parked in Tesla Than Oracle

A little over a year since joining Tesla’s board, Larry Ellison’s stake in the electric car maker is up $600 million. The Oracle founder became Tesla’s independent director at a time when the firm was suffering a crisis. With Tesla now up 30%, some analysts are beginning to urge caution. Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) founder Larry Ellison joined Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) board in late 2018 to help steady the ship amid an escalating crisis involving Elon Musk. That move has proved to be profitable as well and not just what would be expected…

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Jeff Bezos Missed 20,000% Gains after $250K Google Stake in 1998

Google becomes a $1 trillion company 16 years after IPOing. It took Apple and Microsoft more than three decades to achieve that feat. Jeff Bezos was one of Google’s earliest backers, personally investing in the online search company just four years after Amazon’s founding. Now Google and Amazon have increasingly become fierce competitors in advertising, the cloud and in smart home products. Google’s parent company has entered the $1 trillion market cap club for the first time joining fellow tech giants Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) and Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT). Last year Amazon…

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Record-Breaking U.S. Economy Has A Massive Recession Deficit – Here’s Why

A soaring U.S. budget deficit is proof the economy is not well, the chief global strategist of a major investment broker warned this week. He predicted the Great Recession in multiple cable news appearances from 2006 – 2007 when others were wildly bullish. Even if all is well, for now, wild deficit growth during economic expansion leaves less room for fiscal stimulus if a recession does strike. The U.S. economy is aiming to extend a stunning record-long decade of expansion into the eleventh year. Markets see plenty of reasons to…

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Wall Street Is Engineering Economic Disaster for Profit — Again

Wall Street expects big banks to post big profits on the interest from consumer credit balances soaring at unnerving record highs. According to Federal Reserve data, consumer debt at the 25 biggest banks ballooned to $1.9 trillion last year, fueled by credit cards. Is this the ‘macroprudence’ America was promised after the last financial crisis? Or reckless brinkmanship in the face of a looming recession? The S&P 500 posted another record high Monday. Wall Street is giddy on the sugar rush from the U.S. China trade truce. Analysts expect to…

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5 Reasons Why Britain Could Plunge Us Into a Global Recession

UK economy shrinks as GDP unexpectedly drops 0.3% in November. A barage of weak data in jobs, retail, and inflation numbers threaten to plunge the UK into recession. As the world’s 6th largest economy, it could trigger a domino effect across the globe. Britain is in the global spotlight this week as royal disputes at Buckingham Palace play out like an episode of The Crown. But Britain has a bigger problems to deal with right now: its economy and the threat of recession. A flood of poor data hit the…

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Analysts Say the Election, Not Iran, Will Cause a U.S. Stock Market Crash

The 2020 Presidential Election is the greatest risk to financial markets, according to Eurasia Group. Uncertainty following the result, no matter what it is, could weigh on the U.S. stock market. The US could enter a period of instability and uncertainty similar to what the UK experienced after the Brexit vote. After a stunning end-of-year rally, the U.S. stock market screeched to a halt on news of rising tension in the Middle East. Donald Trump’s airstrike that killed a key Iranian general has created a wave of uncertainty among investors,…

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