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3 Reasons Why the Dow’s Bull Run Won’t Cool Despite Dec. 15 Tariff Threat

The Dow Jones is on a strong bull run and Dennis O’Leary says markets aren’t likely to react as badly to new tariffs. Tariffs should be considered a value-added tax (VAT) since the U.S. is the only country in the G7 that doesn’t utilize it. No Fed rate cut in December is now a variable, but it has already been priced in. Even if the U.S. government impose additional tariffs on Dec. 15, Kevin O’Leary says markets won’t react as badly as anticipated. Such resilience would further boost sentiment around…

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China’s Massive Microsoft Gut-Punch Won’t Hurt MSFT Bull Run

Public offices in China can no longer use Microsoft and other foreign software by 2022. China banned Windows 8 in 2014 due to security concerns, it’s not something new. Microsoft’s China business relies on helping Chinese businesses move overseas, won’t affect the U.S. giant all too much. Over the next three years, offices of public institutions and government agencies in China have to replace foreign software and equipment. That means, no more Microsoft for public offices by 2022. China Orders Public Offices to Remove US Software The abrupt decision of…

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41% Billionaire Investors Wrongly Predicted 2019 Stock Market. Here’s Their 2020 Call

41% of the world’s biggest investment funds predicted a stock market downturn in 2019. They were dead wrong. The Dow Jones is up 18% year-to-date and hovering just below all-time highs. The bearish sentiment is even higher going into 2020 with 48% now predicting a downturn. Even the experts get it wrong. A whopping 41% of the world’s biggest investment firms predicted a stock market downturn going into 2019. Instead, they were blindsided by one of the most sizzling stock market runs in history. The Dow Jones is up 18%…

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Growth Recession Chokes India as GDP Tumbles, and No One Seems to Care

India’s GDP growth fell to just 4.5% in the second fiscal quarter. GDP is expanding at the slowest pace in six years. The government’s steps to revive flagging economic growth might not be enough. For long, India has been billed as the next big growth story thanks to its young (and sizable) population, skilled labor, and a fast-growing economy. Big multinational companies have poured billions of dollars into India’s economy over the years in a bid to capture the potential growth. But a series of missteps in recent times have…

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Facebook (FB) Is the ‘Most Deceptive’ FAANG Stock; What’s Mark Zuckerberg Really Hiding?

Natural Language Processing data shows that Facebook has been the least forthcoming this earnings season. Facebook management’s use of deceptive language has skyrocketed over the past quarter. The data suggests the firm either doesn’t know or doesn’t want to talk about some aspects of its business. The FAANGs – Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Google parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOGL) – have been a controversial bunch this year. Analysts are starting to sound alarm bells over the group’s meteoric rise, with some saying the tech bubble will burst…

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Dow Futures Surge but Wells Fargo Warns 4 Critical Stock Market Risks

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures jumped 71 points on Thursday, extending yesterday’s stock market rally. But Wells Fargo analyst Chris Harvey struck a negative tone, citing four major risks facing the market. Retirement funds, the Federal Reserve, growth expectations, and political risk are all headwinds going into 2020. Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures were up 71 points on Thursday, pointing to another strong start on the stock market. But analysts at Wells Fargo are growing increasingly cautious about the year ahead. Speaking to CNBC, Wells Fargo Securities analyst…

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10 Reasons Why the Dow Crashed 450 Points on Tuesday

The Dow suffered a brutal decline on Tuesday. The stock market is on track to record its worst loss in two months. Here are ten reasons why the stock market tumbled so far today. The Dow Jones Industrial Average notched its third straight triple-digit decline on Tuesday, falling as much as 450 points during its worst sell-off since October. Here are ten reasons why the stock market performed so miserably today. The Dow is at risk of notching its worst sell-off in two months. | Source: Yahoo Finance 1. Trump…

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Treasury Yields Rise, Dow Jones Deflates After Dismal Economic Data

10-year U.S. Treasury yield peaked at 1.86% on Monday. Dow Jones declined by as much as 269 points. U.S. economy remains under pressure in Q4, according to latest factory and construction spending data. U.S. government debt yields rose on Monday, as bond prices fell in the wake of dismal factory and construction spending reports. The latest report tempered optimism that the U.S. economy was back on track following an unexpected revision to third-quarter GDP numbers last week. Treasury Yields Extend Recovery Investors moved into government bonds Monday after a pair…

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Dow Futures Slide Rings a Black Friday for the Stock Market

Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average are swimming in the red this Black Friday. The stock market might have a bad day today if there is no clarity regarding a U.S.-China trade deal. Black Friday sales numbers are expected to be weaker than last year, and this could spark more panic. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) are in the red Friday morning as the U.S.-China trade war continues to rage on. President Donald Trump’s move of supporting Hong Kong protests by signing a controversial bill into…

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