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Xbox Series X Controllers May Be Boring – But They’re Way Better Than the PS5’s

The Xbox Series X will continue using battery-powered controllers. This is an advantage over PlayStation’s rechargeable DualShock 5. Choice wins out in the end. Arguments about whether Microsoft or Sony makes a better controller have raged for nearly two decades. Most gamepad disputes pit Xbox’s asymmetrical analog sticks against PlayStation’s parallel ones. But as the Series X and PS5 prepare to launch this year, battery design suddenly features prominently in the debate. One Business Insider columnist torches Xbox for its decision to ship Series X controllers with disposable batteries. The…

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Samsung Killed PlayGalaxy Link and No One Even Noticed

Samsung quietly killed its PlayGalaxy Link cloud gaming service. Mounting competition from the likes of Google Stadia and GeForce Now likely factored into the decision. Samsung is teaming up with Microsoft to collaborate on Project xCloud. Samsung quietly shuttered its cloud gaming service, PlayGalaxy Link, before it even got off the ground. Or, more accurately, Samsung stealthy announced late last month that it was pulling the curtain down on the project on Mar. 27. Samsung Shutters PlayGalaxy Link Samsung shared the decision to ax PlayGalaxy Link with such little fanfare…

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Xbox Lands PlayStation Punch by Poaching Senior God of War Designer

Dean Rymer, a senior combat designer on PS4 exclusive God of War, has joined Microsoft owned developer inXile development. Rymer isn’t the first former God of War developer to join an Xbox development team. Xbox is heavily ramping up its fight against PlayStation as it gets closer to the Xbox Series X and PS5 launch. On Twitter, God of War senior combat designer Dean Rymer confirmed that he had celebrated his first day as the new lead combat designer of inXile Entertainment. InXile Entertainment has been owned by Microsoft since…

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PS5 & Xbox Leaker Teases Next-Gen 90fps Native 4K Gameplay

Leaker details hands-on session with undisclosed next-generation game. The gameplay is locked at 90 fps in native 4K on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Xbox are reportedly targeting 12 Teraflops. While we’ve heard much about the next-generation console hardware through successive leaks, details of the actual PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gameplay have been sorely lacking. That is, until now. A leaker has offered a description of a hands-on session with an undisclosed next-generation title. Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Next-Gen Gameplay NeoGAF forum user OsirisBlack…

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The New Microsoft Edge Is a Third-Rate Chrome Knockoff

Since 2009 Microsoft’s web browsers have seen a dramatic decline in market share. The new Microsoft Edge aims at recapturing some of that lost market share. That seems unlikely to happen when Edge is now functionally the same as Google Chrome. The war between internet browsers has been raging since 2002 when Firefox came out –  unless you count Opera, which technically came out in ’95. Personally, I don’t because no one uses it. Internet Explorer was once the go-to web browser for everyone. Now its market share is less…

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How the Mega-Rich Raked In $500 Billion in 2019

The mega-rich saw their net worth spike to $5.9 trillion in 2019 as the Trump economy continued to expand. Strong fundamentals are expected to push the stock market further up in 2020. Top billionaires saw big gains through stocks and emerging assets. The Trump economy is continuing to march forward, and the rich are now collectively worth $5.9 trillion. Heading into 2020, billionaires are likely to get even richer. A rise in market liquidity, a low benchmark interest rate, and the strong upsurge in U.S. stocks will further boost the…

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This Gamer’s Massive Minecraft City Build is an Incredible 5-Year Effort

One gamer created a big map over five years with skyscrapers, highways, and railways on Minecraft. Upon the release of RTX by Microsoft and Nvidia, the game will become even more realistic. It will establish a better environment for gamers on Minecraft, as it faces completion from Roblox. On the Gaming Subreddit (/r/gaming), one gamer that goes with the username “hauloff” shared a Minecraft build that was built over the span of five years. Within six hours, the post received nearly 18,000 thumbs up on Reddit. The gamer said: Spent…

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Warren Buffett Ignored Microsoft Insider’s 1997 Stock Pitch. He Missed a 5370% Gain

In 1997, Warren Buffett couldn’t be convinced to invest in Microsoft and has consequently missed out on spectacular gains. One of his favorite stocks, Coca Cola, has been vastly outperformed by the software maker over the same period. The Berkshire Hathaway head has recently become more receptive of investing in tech companies. Warren Buffett may be the best of buddies with Bill Gates. But this hasn’t been enough to persuade him to put his money in the Dow’s second-largest gainer this year – Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). It’s well-established that Microsoft…

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China’s Massive Microsoft Gut-Punch Won’t Hurt MSFT Bull Run

Public offices in China can no longer use Microsoft and other foreign software by 2022. China banned Windows 8 in 2014 due to security concerns, it’s not something new. Microsoft’s China business relies on helping Chinese businesses move overseas, won’t affect the U.S. giant all too much. Over the next three years, offices of public institutions and government agencies in China have to replace foreign software and equipment. That means, no more Microsoft for public offices by 2022. China Orders Public Offices to Remove US Software The abrupt decision of…

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Not Buying Slack in 2016 is Bill Gates’ Best Call Ever as Microsoft Tech Advisor

Since the June direct listing, Slack has lost nearly half of its market value. Instead of an acquisition, Bill Gates advocated for an in-house Slack killer. Microsoft Teams now boasts of more daily active users relative to Slack. In 2016 when Slack Technologies (NYSE: WORK) was just a few years old, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) seriously considered acquiring the workplace collaboration tool at a hefty price of $8 billion. Microsoft’s co-founder Bill Gates, alongside current CEO Satya Nadella, killed the idea. It may have been the most important decision Gates ever…

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