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PewDiePie Took His Wife on The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Date Ever

PewDiePie isn’t exactly the smoothest guy on Earth. But couldn’t Felix not be weird, just once all year, for Valentine’s Day? Instead Kjellberg had to go and make Cupid’s birthday all about his weird obsession with aquariums. Poor Marzia! PewDiePie’s wife posted Instagram photos of her weirdest Valentine’s Day date ever with Felix. Nothing says romance like sharks, squid and those cold unblinking fish stares. Marzia was cool about it though. She wrote: Stopped by the acquarium to say hi to my puffer valentine 🐡💘 not sure what happened to…

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Minecraft Treasure Hunt ‘SatoshiQuest’ Will Cost You $1 on the Bitcoin Trail

New Minecraft server sets players on a treasure hunt to find hidden Bitcoin. Each new life costs $1, and proceeds are pooled for the eventual winner. Dead Minecraft servers litter the history of cryptocurrency. Can SatoshiQuest withstand another sudden increase in BTC’s transaction fees? Bitcoin can now be earned by Minecraft players thanks to the new SatoshiQuest server [Github]. Players pay $1 for each new life, the proceeds of which go into a pool for the eventual winner. Players connect to their own unique in-game Bitcoin wallet which is displayed…

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This Gamer’s Massive Minecraft City Build is an Incredible 5-Year Effort

One gamer created a big map over five years with skyscrapers, highways, and railways on Minecraft. Upon the release of RTX by Microsoft and Nvidia, the game will become even more realistic. It will establish a better environment for gamers on Minecraft, as it faces completion from Roblox. On the Gaming Subreddit (/r/gaming), one gamer that goes with the username “hauloff” shared a Minecraft build that was built over the span of five years. Within six hours, the post received nearly 18,000 thumbs up on Reddit. The gamer said: Spent…

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