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Can an Epic Super Bowl Commercial Solve Facebook’s Image Problem?

Nothing gets a company or product more exposure than a commercial during the Super Bowl. With the game often being dull and boring, it is not unusual for the commercials to be the best part of the broadcast. Since the best commercials will gain even more value when they go viral on social media, companies will often go to extreme lengths to make sure they produce something memorable. Super Bowl commercials are a pretty big deal in the advertising world. With easily 100 million people watching the game (and hopefully…

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Donald Trump Jeff Bezos Op-ed Politics 

Donald Trump May Have Been Behind Jeff Bezos’ Phone Hack

It looks likely that Saudi Arabian officials hacked Jeff Bezos’ personal phone, but their reason for doing so is unclear. The timing of the ordeal doesn’t quite line up with current theories. Donald Trump is a common thread that links Bezos, Prince Salman and the National Enquirer. Everyone wants to know how Amazon owner Jeff Bezos got hacked. Not only because it’s surprising to learn that the tech big-wig’s phone wasn’t adequately protected against cybercrime, but because it matters in today’s political landscape. A forensic analysis of Jeff Bezos’ cell…

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Gaming News Kingdom Hearts Op-ed Square Enix 

There’s No Way to Win the Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort Contest

Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort is a new mobile game coming out this spring. The game’s title is currently unknown, but a contest lets fans guess the name. There’s no way anyone is going to guess the right name for a KH game. Kingdom Hearts is getting a new game that is currently going under the title “Project Xehanort.” It will be coming out for mobile devices in spring 2020 and will focus on why Xehanort became the Seeker of Darkness. First off, there really wasn’t a need for another KH…

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Donald Trump Op-ed Politics Space Force Star Trek 

Donald Trump Just Tweeted the Space Force Logo and It Looks Very Familiar

Donald Trump just tweeted the new Space Force logo. It looks very familiar. Because it’s the Star Trek Logo. Trump actually stole the idea for the Space Force from Ronald Reagan. Donald Trump tweeted out the new Space Force logo Friday afternoon. It’s definitely the Star Trek insignia. Source: Twitter This can’t be real. We are definitely living in the best timeline. You may have heard of the military’s legendary $600 hammers and $30 screws. But let’s hope the DOD didn’t pay too much for this logo. Because the designer…

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bernie sanders Entertainment Jason Mraz Op-ed 

Jason Mraz Goes Full Bernie Bro in Cringy Pro-Sanders Music Video

Singer-songwriter Jason Mraz just dropped a Bernie Sanders anthem and music video with the song title, “Vote Louder.” It starts off, “Yo, I know, I know, I know I should probably stick to music. So I put this to music.” The track is as cringy as you’d expect. And I’m pretty sure the reggae beat is cultural appropriation. Real woke, Jason. Jason Mraz just popped up from 2008 to drop a pro-Bernie Sanders track on YouTube. It’s Sanders’ second celebrity endorsement in 24 hours. Comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan…

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Gaming News Konami Op-ed Silent Hill 

Two New Silent Hill Games Are Coming, but Will They Be Any Good?

Recently rumors swirled surrounding possible new Silent Hill titles. A leaker has now seemingly confirmed that two new games in the series are in development. Considering Konami’s poor history, there are serious concerns for the games’ potential quality. So it turns out that the rumors are true. Silent Hill is going to be getting not one but two brand-new games. At least that’s the case according to industry leaker AestheticGamer on Twitter. Just before you get excited about it though, remember this is Konami we’re talking about. Recently they have…

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nba new orleans pelicans Op-ed Sports News zion williamson 

Zion Williamson Looks Like A Rookie of the Year Contender In Season Debut

NBA fans have been eagerly waiting to see the debut of New Orleans Pelicans rookie, Zion Williamson. While on a minutes restriction, he made his debut Wednesday night against the San Antonio Spurs. Though far from perfect, he showed enough for fans to be excited and for ‘Rookie of the Year’conversations to start. Fans of the New Orleans Pelicans, and the NBA in general, have been eagerly awaiting the debut of rookie Zion Williamson. They got a taste during the preseason, but not much of one—and it was just the…

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Gaming News Op-ed Sega Sonic the Hedgehog 

Will 2020 Save Sonic the Hedgehog? Don’t Put Your Ring on It

Sega has announced that 2020 is going to be the year of Sonic. News surrounding the character will be announced each month on the 20th day. This new strategy may not be enough to save Sonic’s reputation. Sonic the Hedgehog has had his ups and downs. His earlier games were classics. They really did bring speed to gaming and showed off the power of the Sega Genesis. Then things starting looking shaky around the time Sonic R came out. These days Sonic has become something of a joke to some….

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Arsenal Chelsea David Luiz Frank Lampard Op-ed Soccer Sports News 

David Luiz Returns to Chelsea after Frank Lampard Dumped Him Out

Arsenal visit Stamford Bridge in a must-win match in the Premier League. David Luiz makes his first visit to his former home since being sold to bitter London rivals Arsenal. A win for Arsenal is crucial if they hope to secure Champions League football next season. David Luiz won the Champions League and Premier League title with Chelsea during two spells lasting over five years. The Brazilian defender’s unique look made him easy to spot on the field, and he was considered a fan-favorite among the Stamford Bridge faithful. This…

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Darrelle Revis NFL Op-ed Richard Sherman Sports News 

Darrelle Revis Was Better at Football Than Richard Sherman, but Not at Trash Talk 

Darrelle Revis called out Richard Sherman’s coverage skills on Twitter. While Revis had a point, he made several key mistakes by clapping at Sherman. Despite Sherman’s trash-talk dominance, Revis was the better cornerback in his prime. Prime Darrelle Revis was a better cornerback than prime Richard Sherman.  We can debate that point forever, but one thing we know for sure is that Sherman is light years ahead of Revis as a trash-talker.  Richard Sherman Is an Elite, All-Time Trash-Talker  Richard Sherman has put in the hours. He’s spent nights on…

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