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Alibaba CEO’s Coronavirus Warning Spells Doom for the Stock Market

Alibaba’s CEO called the coronavirus a “black swan event” Thursday. His analysis has disastrous implications for the stock market. While he spoke, new coronavirus cases spiked at a frightening pace. The stock market seems to be shrugging off coronavirus fears since it became a pandemic last month. Amid startling news of drastic measures taken in China to contain the disease, the Dow Jones charted a new record Wednesday. But the rally did lose steam Thursday after the previous evening saw a massive spike in new cases. Chinese officials confirmed over…

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Gaming News Opinion PS5 Xbox Series X 

PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Hit a Graphics Dead-End

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be with us by the end of the year. While previous generations have meant an increase in graphical fidelity, gamers have been warned not to expect that this time. Graphics shouldn’t be as important as visual design and mechanical improvements. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be with us soon. That means a whole new bunch of games and an increase in how good our games look. At least, that’s usually what it means. While we’re sure to get a…

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bitcoin Cryptocurrency News Opinion travis kling 

Beautiful Trendline Shows Bitcoin Is About to Explode in 2020: Travis Kling

Travis Kling shared a chart that showed bitcoin might be set for a bullish breakout in May 2020. Consider taking a contrarian stance because a post-halving dump happened in the past. Even if there’s a massive shakeout, bitcoin looks poised for a bull run this year. Bitcoin has been struggling to keep its bullish momentum alive since it topped out at $9,188.10 earlier this month. The cryptocurrency is down nearly 10% from the yearly high. Many are saying that the bear market is not yet over. They claim that bitcoin…

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federal reserve Market News Opinion US Stock Market 

CEO Pessimism About the Economy Is Getting Worse; Will This Affect U.S. Stocks?

CEO pessimism is at the highest level since 2012. The stock market will likely keep rising as CEOs continue authorizing stock repurchases. The Federal Reserve will keep pumping liquidity and keep the longest bull market alive. Business consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) recently released its 23rd Annual Global CEO Survey. The poll asks chief executives around the world about their global economic outlook for the next 12 months. Last year, nearly 30% responded that global economic growth would decline in the next 12 months. A year later, these CEOs were right…

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Big Tech’s “Political Reckoning” May Fuel A Stock Market Crash In 2020

Legendary debt economist Anatole Kaletsky believes political headwinds for “Big Tech” could trigger a stock market crash. The monster rally in the Nasdaq has largely been fueled by gains in trillion-dollar companies Apple and Google. Accusations of monopolistic tactics and privacy scandals are potential catalysts for a “reckoning” for stocks in 2020. With all major U.S. stock indexes close to record highs, cautious investors are considering where the risks to their fat profits might come from. Influential economist Anatole Kaletsky, author of the legendary 1980’s book “Costs of Default,” believes…

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Donald Trump Market News Opinion Peter Schiff 

Record-Breaking U.S. Economy Has A Massive Recession Deficit – Here’s Why

A soaring U.S. budget deficit is proof the economy is not well, the chief global strategist of a major investment broker warned this week. He predicted the Great Recession in multiple cable news appearances from 2006 – 2007 when others were wildly bullish. Even if all is well, for now, wild deficit growth during economic expansion leaves less room for fiscal stimulus if a recession does strike. The U.S. economy is aiming to extend a stunning record-long decade of expansion into the eleventh year. Markets see plenty of reasons to…

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2020 us presidential election Donald Trump Market News Opinion US Stock Market 

Analysts Say the Election, Not Iran, Will Cause a U.S. Stock Market Crash

The 2020 Presidential Election is the greatest risk to financial markets, according to Eurasia Group. Uncertainty following the result, no matter what it is, could weigh on the U.S. stock market. The US could enter a period of instability and uncertainty similar to what the UK experienced after the Brexit vote. After a stunning end-of-year rally, the U.S. stock market screeched to a halt on news of rising tension in the Middle East. Donald Trump’s airstrike that killed a key Iranian general has created a wave of uncertainty among investors,…

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Donald Trump nancy pelosi Opinion Politics 

Trump’s Mental Health, Not Impeachment, Could Be His Undoing: Professor

Trump’s mental health has been the focus for many over the past week as impeachment proceedings dragged on. While he’s unlikely to be ousted from the White House over the Ukraine scandal, his letter to Nancy Pelosi could contribute to another effort to strip him of his title. A Yale psychiatrist says as Trump’s colleague, Pelosi, could order an involuntary psychiatric evaluation. In 2019, President Trump became the third president in history to be impeached. That isn’t likely to get him out of the White House, though. The Republican majority…

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Donald Trump Market News Opinion wells fargo 

A Repeat Win for Trump in 2020 Could Mean ‘Tax Cuts 2.0,’ Says Wells Fargo

The Trump economy is already humming. The U.S./China trade deal has achieved Phase 1, the stock market is trading at record highs, and inflation is at bay. As if a Goldilocks economy weren’t enough, a repeat victory for Donald Trump in 2020 could translate into more permanent tax cuts for Americans. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 already has President Trump’s handiwork all over it. The bill is touted as “the biggest tax overhaul in the United States in over 30 years,” as described by the Tax Policy…

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