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Don’t Preorder Shenmue III – Here’s When You Should Buy It Instead

Shenmue III will launch on Nov. 19. You can preorder it for $59.99. Just 10 days later, it will drop to $34.99 for Black Friday. Why would anyone pay the full $60 with a $25 discount coming so shortly after the release? Shenmue III is getting closer and closer to coming out after an almost 20-year gap following the 2001 release of Shenmue II. While that’s good news, a new Black Friday ad undercuts this monumental moment for the series with a deep discount. Shenmue III will launch on Nov….

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The Last of Us Part II Release Date Leaked by Swiss Retailer

Swiss retailer Softridge may have leaked the release date for Naughty Dog’s highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive The Last of Us Part II. A listing for the game that appeared on the site earlier today pinpoints a release date of Friday, Feb. 28 next year. Previous speculation and leaks relating to when the title might hit stores also slate The Last of Us Part II for release in early 2020, which gives the leak credibility. The Last of Us Part II Box Art Source: Alongside the release date slip,…

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PlayStation 4 Digital Game Sales Overtake Physical. That’s a First

First-quarter financial results released by Sony today reveal that digital sales of PlayStation 4 games surpassed those of their physical counterparts, marking the first time the balance has shifted in the favor of digital content. Digital downloads on the platform accounted for 53% of full game software sales from the start of the year to June – a 10% jump on figures for the same period last year. For over half of the 42.9 million units sold, consumers opted to download rather than invest in digital copies. Source: Sony Digital…

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