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PS5 & Xbox Leaker Teases Next-Gen 90fps Native 4K Gameplay

Leaker details hands-on session with undisclosed next-generation game. The gameplay is locked at 90 fps in native 4K on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Xbox are reportedly targeting 12 Teraflops. While we’ve heard much about the next-generation console hardware through successive leaks, details of the actual PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gameplay have been sorely lacking. That is, until now. A leaker has offered a description of a hands-on session with an undisclosed next-generation title. Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Next-Gen Gameplay NeoGAF forum user OsirisBlack…

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$450 PS5 is Making Sony Nervous – and It’s a Pricing Disaster for Fans

A new report suggests Sony is struggling to keep the manufacturing cost of the PS5 under $450. Sourcing DRAM and NAND flash memory are proving problematic due to competing demand from the mobile-phone industry. Consumers could bear the brunt of this part scarcity if Sony opts to bump up the retail price of the PS5. Sony is having trouble keeping the manufacturing costs of the PlayStation 5 under $450 per unit, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Part Scarcity Bumps PlayStation 5 Production Costs to $450 Per Unit Citing…

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Sony’s Bizarre New PlayStation Ad is too Weird to be Hiding PS5 Clues

PlayStation new ‘Feel the Power of PlayStation’ ad yesterday. It’s a bizarre, yet welcome change of pace. One fan believes it’s hiding clues about the PS5. One fan thinks Sony is hiding PS5 clues in the latest PlayStation trailer. Yesterday, Sony released a new PlayStation ad dubbed ‘Feel the Power of PlayStation.’ It’s bizarre stuff. Feel the Power of PlayStation A squad of soldiers storms a subterranean network of concrete tunnels only to find a clandestine setup reminiscent of a crypto mining farm. Instead of industrial fan-cooled graphics cards auditing…

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‘Difficult’ PS5 Price Reveal is Genius from Sony, Terrible for Fans

‘Difficult’ PS5 Price Reveal is Genius from Sony, Terrible for Fans Published: February 6, 2020 10:00 AM UTC PlayStation is Sony’s most-profitable division and the Japanese giant cannot afford to get it wrong ahead of the PlayStation 5’s Holiday 2020 launch. Sony reveals that it hasn’t decided the PS5’s price and says that it’s ‘very difficult’ but this could be part of a big plan for the company.| Source: YouTube/Sony Sony reveals that it hasn’t determined the price of the PS5 – yes, really.  The company said it is “very…

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Hot New Rumor Hints at Late February PS5 Announcement Date

A new leak may reveal the date of the big PlayStation 5 (PS5) announcement event. The rumored site of the event will be closed for a “private event” on February 29. This is the strongest rumor that fans have had about a PS5 reveal event. A post on Reddit has given fans the strongest piece of information about the impending PlayStation 5 announcement event. On February 29, Sony Hall in New York will be closed for a “private event.” The big PS5 event had been rumored for February and so…

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It’s Not Just Sony, These Major Gaming Companies Have Also Dropped E3

Sony confirms that it will not be attending E3 2020. Some has suggested that this could be the end of E3. Sony is one of several gaming companies that have dropped out of the event. After Sony confirmed that it will not be attending E3 2020, a popular suggestion on social media was that this was the end of E3. Microsoft will be at E3 2020, likely sharing more about the Xbox Series X. But it may not be able to carry the whole event on its shoulders. Sony isn’t…

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This PS5 ‘Leak’ Might Give You a Blurry First Look at Sony’s New Console

A new “leak” offers a raft of new PlayStation 5 details. Sony is allegedly set to unveil its console on February 5. It’s rumored to be priced at $499 for release in October 2020. The leaker shared a picture of what the console supposedly looks like. Sony’s drip-feed of PlayStation 5 details has left most gamers wanting a whole lot more. According to the latest leak doing the rounds, we may not have to wait long at all to see the next-generation console in the flesh. Leak: Sony Will Allegedly…

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Remembering the 5 Best PS2 Games

PlayStation is celebrating 25 years this week. To go along with that, we’re listing the five best PS2 games. It’s hard to narrow the list down this far with so many great titles. PlayStation is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week, and it only makes sense to mention the best console Sony has ever made: the PlayStation 2. We aren’t just remembering the PlayStation 2 but also the games that really helped it shine during its whopping 13-year lifespan. Some of the Best Games Came Out on the PlayStation 2…

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New Snap of PlayStation 5 Dev Kit Appears Online

New image of PlayStation 5 dev kit appears online. Offers first look at PS5 controller. Unlikely to be the final retail design. We’ve known what the PlayStation 5 dev kit looks like for a few months now. Late summer spawned patent documents registered by Sony before an in-the-flesh image found its way onto the internet in mid-October. The image wasn’t what you’d call well-framed and didn’t give us a good look at the overall design of the unit. PlayStation 5 Dev Kit & First Look at Controller Today, a Twitter…

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Crash Bandicoot Fans Are Really Reaching with This Delusional PS4 ‘Leak’

Sony posted a video entitled “It’s Time to Play” earlier this month. Fans of Crash Bandicoot have used the video as a basis for rumors of a new entry into the series. Those delusional fans are really just reaching for any information surrounding a new Crash game. Waiting for a new entry in your favorite series is tough. That’s why it’s easy to get taken in by baseless rumors and end up believing in projects that never existed in the first place. That is precisely what is going on in…

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