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There’s No Way to Win the Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort Contest

Kingdom Hearts Project Xehanort is a new mobile game coming out this spring. The game’s title is currently unknown, but a contest lets fans guess the name. There’s no way anyone is going to guess the right name for a KH game. Kingdom Hearts is getting a new game that is currently going under the title “Project Xehanort.” It will be coming out for mobile devices in spring 2020 and will focus on why Xehanort became the Seeker of Darkness. First off, there really wasn’t a need for another KH…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Delay Has Eager Gamers Shockingly at Ease

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed until April 2020. The news was announced via the Final Fantasy VII Twitter page. Most of the fan responses have been overwhelmingly positive. It’s true. Final Fantasy VII Remake has been delayed. Originally to be released in March of 2020, it is now coming out at some point in April instead. The news has been quite devastating to a large part of the gaming community. We will now have to wait an extra month for one of 2020’s hottest games. Normally this sort…

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