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Digital Homicide Is Back & the Infamous Steam Reject’s Games Are as Sucky as Ever

Digital Homicide is a developer famous for its poor relationship with the community and for suing a critic. They have been inactive since 2018 but made a comeback this past January. Their games are now available for free, and they’re all terrible. Do you remember the gaming company that was kicked off of Steam [Kotaku] for suing users? How about the one that sued YouTuber Jim Sterling? If so, you remember Digital Homicide and its infamous founders: James and Robert Romine. And it won’t please you to know that they’re…

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Steam Ends Year With Lots of Stats & Awards Results

Steam releases end of year stats for 2019. 12 games recorded over 100,000 simultaneous players. Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice wins the Steam Awards game of the year. Steam has jumped onto the year in review bandwagon and produced some interesting stats about the most popular games on the Valve-owned digital storefront. As a gauge of what is popular among gamers, Steam is uniquely positioned to offer a well-rounded take on the state of PC gaming. As such, we can extrapolate that these titles were among the most popular in 2019….

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It Shouldn’t Take Government Intervention for Valve to Clean Up Steam

Valve has a bad reputation when it comes to quality control. They recently removed a slew of Nazi and Anti-Semitic content from Steam at the behest of the German Government’s media regulation authority. They’re still not doing enough to keep their store clear. Steam has something of a garbage problem. From the games on the store to the groups in the community, there is a lot of trash floating around. Valve has occasionally deigned to actually do something about it, but not anywhere near often enough. Valve recently went on…

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GOG Winter Sale Rivals Steam with Festive Deals Aplenty + One Epic Freebie

The GOG Winter Sale starts today. It features over 2,500 deals up to 95% off – plus Wasteland 2 for free! It may be time to give GOG a go. The GOG Winter Sale is now live, and with more than its fair share of tempting deals, CD Projekt Red’s digital storefront is giving Steam a run for its money. Valve’s rival festive discount bonanza won’t start until Dec. 19, according to leaked dates, giving GOG over a week’s head start. If you’ve ever considered checking out GOG, there’s never…

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5 Ways Steam Remote Play Is a Complete Game-Changer

Steam’s newest Remote Play feature launched this week. It allows up to four players to jump into a game in online couch co-op. There’s even a celebratory sale on at the moment to mark the occasion. Steam’s online couch co-op feature, Remote Play, launched on Wednesday. Remote Play has been in beta for a month before launch, and it appears that Valve has been happy enough with the results to integrate it into the client as a full-blown feature. And, how effortlessly Valve has done that. Remote Play is sophisticated…

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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed on Twitter

Steam has been the recipient of its fair share of condemnation over the years for what are widely regarded as pretty dire terms for studios using the platform to release their games. Despite this, Valve’s platform remains the go-to store for digital video games, with publishers effectively biting the bullet of a hefty 30% cut solely for access to such a vast market. However, according to a new report published by IGN, Steam’s 30% share isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, it’s fairly standard within the industry., the Microsoft…

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Punishingly Great Racing Sim DiRT Rally Free on Steam Right Now

DiRT Rallyt, widely seen as the best rally simulator ever, is free on Steam. | Source: DiRT Rally/Codemasters Following a free giveaway of DiRT Rally over on the Humble Store last month, Codemasters is back at it again. This time the definitive rally simulator is free on Steam until the end of today. We all love free stuff, and even more when it’s quality free stuff. There’s really not much involved either. All you need to do is simply visit Steam, search for DiRT Rally, add it to your library,…

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