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Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney Really Shouldn’t Be Allowed on Twitter

Steam has been the recipient of its fair share of condemnation over the years for what are widely regarded as pretty dire terms for studios using the platform to release their games. Despite this, Valve’s platform remains the go-to store for digital video games, with publishers effectively biting the bullet of a hefty 30% cut solely for access to such a vast market. However, according to a new report published by IGN, Steam’s 30% share isn’t all that uncommon. In fact, it’s fairly standard within the industry. GoG.com, the Microsoft…

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Punishingly Great Racing Sim DiRT Rally Free on Steam Right Now

DiRT Rallyt, widely seen as the best rally simulator ever, is free on Steam. | Source: DiRT Rally/Codemasters Following a free giveaway of DiRT Rally over on the Humble Store last month, Codemasters is back at it again. This time the definitive rally simulator is free on Steam until the end of today. We all love free stuff, and even more when it’s quality free stuff. There’s really not much involved either. All you need to do is simply visit Steam, search for DiRT Rally, add it to your library,…

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