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Japan Second-Quarter GDP Revision Sparks Recession Fears – CCN.com

Japan’s economy faces both external and internal risks as latest GDP numbers released. | Source: Shutterstock Japan’s economic expansion cooled more than initially forecast in the second quarter, revised data showed, complicating the government’s planned consumption tax hike later this year. Ironically, the long-delayed sales tax increase is expected to shrink Japan’s GDP output later this year, plunging the country closer to recession. Japan GDP Revised Downward Japan’s gross domestic product – the value of all goods and services produced in the economy – expanded 0.3% in the second quarter,…

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Dow Futures Rocket but ‘Big Short’ Recession Oracle Warns: 'It's a Bubble'

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures soared more than 200 points in early trading Thursday after China and the US scheduled new trade talks for October. But don’t be fooled, the inflated stock market is a bubble, according to Michael Burry. Burry, portrayed by Christian Bale in the movie The Big Short, famously predicted the […] The post Dow Futures Rocket but ‘Big Short’ Recession Oracle Warns: 'It's a Bubble' appeared first on CCN Markets

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10-Year Treasury Bond Yield Will Crash to 1%, UBS Warns – CCN Markets

U.S.-government backed Treasurys just don’t yield what they used to. | Source: Shutterstock Conditions are favorable for another steep fall in the U.S. Treasury bond yield curve, says UBS, Switzerland’s largest financial institution. In revised projections published Wednesday, the bank identified U.S.-China trade tensions and their impact on economic growth as the chief catalyst for the continued drop off in yields. UBS Cuts Forecast on 10-Year U.S. Treasury Yield How central banks respond to slowing economic growth will have a direct impact on the bond markets, says UBS. | Source:…

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Dow Soars But Federal Reserve Descends Into Civil War – CCN Markets

The Dow whipped back into recovery mode on Wednesday, even as the Federal Reserve descends into civil war over interest rate policy. | Source: REUTERS / Carlos Barria The Dow soared toward a blockbuster recovery on Wednesday after positive developments in Hong Kong removed one potential complication from the trade war landscape. However, conflicting opinions on interest rate policy suggest that the Federal Reserve risks descending into civil war ahead of a closely-watched policy meeting this month. Dow Whips Back Into Recovery Mode All of Wall Street’s major indices rallied…

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Dow Futures Plunge as 9 Recession Alarms Scream Red – CCN Markets

The markets are pointing to a weak open after the long Labor Day weekend. | Source: Photo by Don Emmert / AFP Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) futures indicate a weak open on Wall Street on Tuesday. After the Labor Day weekend, which saw a fresh round of tariffs imposed on China, traders are returning to a bleak stock market and a host of recession warnings. Fears of a downturn, triggered by the prolonged US-China trade war, saw the Dow collapse 2 percent in August. The trend looks set to…

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After Dow Slump, Recession Fears Rise With Dwindling Trade Deal Hope

The Dow futures are in the red following the response of China towards new sanctions imposed by the U.S., fueling fears of a possible recession. | Source: Shutterstock The Dow futures are in the red once again following the response of China towards new sanctions imposed by the U.S., fueling the drop of the bond yield and fears of a possible recession. The Dow slump expected to continue as President Xi finds growing support in China | Source: Yahoo Finance Max Baucus, a former U.S. ambassador to China, said in…

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Dow Jumps 215 Points But Dangerous New Trade War Looms – CCN Markets

The Dow rallied by more than 200 points, even as another dangerous – and market-threatening – trade war began to unfold in East Asia. | Source: AP Photo / Lee Jin-man The Dow and broader U.S. stock market rose on Wednesday, shrugging off early volatility as rising oil prices boosted energy shares. Global equities were much more subdued amid concerns that another trade war was unfolding between two neighboring Asian economies. Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow All of Wall Street’s major indexes advanced, overcoming a volatile pre-market for Dow…

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Dow Bounces Back, But Trade War Plunges Yuan to 11-Year Low – CCN Markets

The Dow and broader U.S. stock market advanced on Monday, mere hours after the Chinese yuan’s offshore rate plunged to record lows, raising alarms about capital flight from East Asia. Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow Dow Jones Industrial Average begins the long road to recovery with 200-point gain. | Source: Yahoo Finance. All of Wall Street’s major indexes reported firm gains, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average gaining as much as 312 points. The blue-chip index was last up 206.79 points, or 0.81%, at 25,835.69. The broad S&P 500…

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Dow Futures Whiplashes Upward On Trump Trade Claim but Questions Rage On – CCN Markets

By CCN Markets: Dow futures reversed sharply this morning after President Trump made positive comments about progress in the ongoing China-U.S. trade negotiations. Great respect for the fact that President Xi & his Representatives want “calm resolution.” So impressed that they are willing to come out & state the facts so accurately. This is why he is a great leader & representing a great country. Talks are continuing!https://t.co/0sotrd1Mzh — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 26, 2019 However, the president’s comments quickly came under fire, as Chinese players say no such…

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Dow Futures Plunge 350 Points After Trump’s $550 Billion Tariff Threat

By CCN Markets: A shellshocked stock market is bracing for impact on Monday as the White House and Beijing exchange rhetoric for actions amid a rapidly-escalating trade war. Dow futures point to a vicious decline when the opening bell rings tomorrow morning. Dow Futures Plummet 350 Points Futures tracking all of the US stock market’s major indices pointed to a second straight day of devastating losses. As of 6:37 pm ET on Sunday night, Dow Jones Industrial Average futures had dropped by 342 points, implying losses of 287.90 points at…

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