Coronavirus Housing Market Op-ed United States 

A $1.3 Trillion U.S. Housing Market Crash Is Imminent, and Inevitable

The U.S. housing market could lose 4% of its value. Unemployment claims and layoffs would be a headwind. Demand is expected to fall off a cliff thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. The U.S. housing market is going to be one of the biggest victims of the novel coronavirus pandemic as people lose jobs and the economy comes to a grinding halt. Housing bulls have already started pulling out of the market and it won’t be long before prices start going south. The latest readings from the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller index…

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Coronavirus Market News Op-ed texas United States 

Coronavirus to Devour Texas Economy Before Spreading Throughout America

The Dallas Fed’s monthly manufacturing index crashed to record lows in March, and to levels not seen since the 2008-09 financial crisis. Coronavirus is accelerating the loss of U.S. manufacturing as production, new orders and capacity utilization plunge. Those hoping for a v-shaped recovery could be disappointed as coronavirus alters the fabric of the U.S. economy – perhaps permanently. On Monday, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas released its monthly Manufacturing Index. The gauge of factory activity crashed much faster than expected and carved out an even lower bottom than…

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china Coronavirus Headlines United States 

U.S. Records 18,000+ New Coronavirus Cases in Single Devastating Day

The United States has become the epicentre of the coronavirus pandemic. Confirmed U.S. cases has overtaken China and this is ‘only at the beginning’. 85,991 Americans have been infected with the death toll hitting 1,000. Coronavirus cases in the U.S. have accelerated so fast – jumping by 18,000 cases on Thursday – the nation has overtaken China to officially become the epicentre of the Covid-19 outbreak. The U.S. currently has 85,991 confirmed cases, according to John Hopkins University data. And the numbers are rising at more than 15,000 per day.…

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federal reserve Market News Op-ed United States 

Stock Market Gains Crushed By a $4 Trillion Debt Disaster

The government’s stimulus isn’t enough to keep the rising tide of debt at bay. The corporate debt bubble is threatening to pop despite stimulus promises. The real estate market looks primed for a meltdown as mortgage payments are delayed. The U.S. government’s unprecedented stimulus package was applauded by investors on Tuesday and the stock market soared in response. That rally will be short-lived for one simple reason: it’s not enough. Stock Market Gains Hid Underlying Debt Problems While the Fed and the U.S. government’s actions were necessary and commendable, American…

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bill gates Coronavirus Market News United States 

U.S. Futures Jump but Bill Gates Has a ‘Super Urgent’ Pandemic Warning

The U.S. stock market is set for a 1.12% gain after a highly anticipated stimulus deal was agreed upon. The Dow Jones is up 265 points in pre-market trading, after a 2,100-point gain on Tuesday. But, Bill Gates warns there is not enough testing in the U.S., and rising coronavirus cases leave the stock market vulnerable to a correction. The U.S. stock market futures is up 1.12% after Senate Democrats and Republicans reached on a highly anticipated coronavirus stimulus package. But, the markets are not showing a a response investors…

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Coronavirus Housing Market Op-ed United States 

Google Data Hints Coronavirus May Trigger a U.S. Housing Market Crash

Google Trends data suggests some worrying developments for the U.S. housing market. The impact of the coronavirus on employment could be particularly negative for the rental market if tenants can’t make rent. The Federal Reserve’s interest rate cut can’t halt a crash in house prices if mortgage rates don’t fall. The stock market had its worst crash since 1987 on Monday as many are worried the U.S. economy faces a treacherous road as it deals with the outbreak of the coronavirus. For those investors looking to predict the future, google…

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Boeing Dow Jones Market News United States 

Dow’s Absurd Rally Continues After Key Boeing Resignation Offsets Dismal Economic Data

U.S. equities rally to new all-time highs on Monday, with the Dow adding as much as 126 points. Boeing, the Dow’s largest component, rallied as much as 3.8%. Lackluster reports from the Commerce Department cast a shadow over the U.S. economy. The Dow and broader U.S. stock market rallied to new all-time highs Monday, as dismal economic data were no match for investors’ exuberance in a holiday-shortened week. Dow Rallies; S&P 500, Nasdaq Follow All of Wall Street’s major indexes topped their previous highs at the start of the week,…

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fannie mae Housing Market Op-ed United States 

A U.S. Housing Market Bubble 10 Years in the Making May Pop in 2020

Evidence that the US housing market has become a bubble is starting to stack up. The affordability of US homes has dropped significantly, making it difficult to attract new buyers. The current climate in the housing market is conducive to dangerous lending as buyers overextend. In the lead-up to 2020, the US housing market faces conflicting forecasts, but the evidence that a bubble 10 years in the making is about to pop is starting to pile up. Though low rates and an improving economic climate should create the perfect environment…

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federal reserve Housing Market United States 

This Key Metric Rules Out A Repeat of 2007 Housing Crash

Analysts are looking for cracks in the housing market data as the longest economic recovery in U.S. history continues. But most of the blips in the data are too short term, and not correlated meaningfully with other economic indicators. Two key data relationships from the demand and supply side show a very healthy recovery that’s likely to last. Since the Great Recession we’ve seen the longest-running economic recovery in U.S. history. It has left many nervously anticipating a stock market bust or housing crash. From 1854 to 2009, there were…

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Housing Market United States 

The U.S. Housing Market Bubble Is About to Burst as Fear Sets In

There are several signs indicating that a U.S. housing market crash is already here, but the bulls keep finding reasons to celebrate and live in denial that all’s well in this space. The National Association of Realtors (NAR), for instance, has just released a report that says home prices rose in 93 percent of the metro areas in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2019. But NAR’s report was laced with caution as the body probably fears that the U.S. housing market is already in a state of decline.…

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