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Only PS5 and the Xbox Series X Can Rescue GameStop’s Death Spiral

Video game retailer GameStop reveals its finances from the last financial year, confirming smaller net losses than the year before. The retailer also says that it plans to close more than 300 stores as it aims to save more money. However, these may not be enough to rescue GameStop and it will likely be up to the PS5 and Xbox Series X to save the company. In the last financial year, GameStop had what it will feel like a good year, says in a new article. The video game…

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Xbox Series X Controllers May Be Boring – But They’re Way Better Than the PS5’s

The Xbox Series X will continue using battery-powered controllers. This is an advantage over PlayStation’s rechargeable DualShock 5. Choice wins out in the end. Arguments about whether Microsoft or Sony makes a better controller have raged for nearly two decades. Most gamepad disputes pit Xbox’s asymmetrical analog sticks against PlayStation’s parallel ones. But as the Series X and PS5 prepare to launch this year, battery design suddenly features prominently in the debate. One Business Insider columnist torches Xbox for its decision to ship Series X controllers with disposable batteries. The…

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Incredible New Minecraft Graphics Should Hush Xbox Series X Critics

The Xbox Series X recently showed off some graphical improvements for the hit Mojang game, Minecraft. Updates made the graphically simple game look incredible. If other games on Series X have these sorts of enhancements, then Microsoft need not worry. A big point of contention for gamers has been the lack of exclusives on the Xbox Series X. Many gamers have wondered how Xbox will market their new consoles with no new games. It turns out; the answer is simple. The Xbox Series X will attract an audience because it…

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PS5 & Xbox Series X 2020 Launches Under No Coronavirus Threat: AMD

The coronavirus outbreak has led to event cancellations and production issues across the gaming industry. There are growing concerns the virus might affect the launch of the next-generation consoles. According to AMD, both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are still on track for a late 2020 launch. With the coronavirus outbreak extending its reach throughout the world and various industries, there are concerns that Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation plans could be affected. Coronavirus Across The Gaming Industry With confirmed global coronavirus cases hitting the 100,000-mark today, there’s a…

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PS5 & Xbox Leaker Teases Next-Gen 90fps Native 4K Gameplay

Leaker details hands-on session with undisclosed next-generation game. The gameplay is locked at 90 fps in native 4K on both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Both Sony and Xbox are reportedly targeting 12 Teraflops. While we’ve heard much about the next-generation console hardware through successive leaks, details of the actual PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X gameplay have been sorely lacking. That is, until now. A leaker has offered a description of a hands-on session with an undisclosed next-generation title. Source: Sony Interactive Entertainment Next-Gen Gameplay NeoGAF forum user OsirisBlack…

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PS5 and Xbox Series X Will Hit a Graphics Dead-End

The PS5 and Xbox Series X will be with us by the end of the year. While previous generations have meant an increase in graphical fidelity, gamers have been warned not to expect that this time. Graphics shouldn’t be as important as visual design and mechanical improvements. The PS5 and Xbox Series X are going to be with us soon. That means a whole new bunch of games and an increase in how good our games look. At least, that’s usually what it means. While we’re sure to get a…

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