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10 Ways PewDiePie Made the World a Little Less Sucky

A fellow YouTuber recently spoke about how negative press affects PewDiePie personally. While Felix continues his YouTube hiatus, JackSepticEye says, “I would have lost my mind by now.” So here are ten very admirable ways Felix Kjellberg has made the world a much better place. Or at least made it suck a little bit less. PewDiePie continues to enjoy his time off after years of uploading new videos to YouTube every day. And his fans are starving for new PewDiePie content. But his good friend Seán McLoughlin, the creator behind…

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PewDiePie Took His Wife on The Weirdest Valentine’s Day Date Ever

PewDiePie isn’t exactly the smoothest guy on Earth. But couldn’t Felix not be weird, just once all year, for Valentine’s Day? Instead Kjellberg had to go and make Cupid’s birthday all about his weird obsession with aquariums. Poor Marzia! PewDiePie’s wife posted Instagram photos of her weirdest Valentine’s Day date ever with Felix. Nothing says romance like sharks, squid and those cold unblinking fish stares. Marzia was cool about it though. She wrote: Stopped by the acquarium to say hi to my puffer valentine 🐡💘 not sure what happened to…

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This Kid Destroyed Us for That PewDiePie Roast – And We Love Him for It!

PewDiePie posted his final video before taking a break from YouTube. After sending Felix off with a roast this week, CCN.com got a lot of responses. This kid’s video was the most savage one of them all. YouTube’s most popular creator published his last video this week. At least for the time being. PewDiePie says he’s exhausted after years of making content. So he’s taking a hiatus. I thought it would be a perfect occasion to roast Pewds with a blistering review of his biggest mistakes on YouTube. That might…

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PewDiePie Explains Controversial ADL Donation U-Turn, Slams ‘Nazi Cross’ Alarm – CCN.com

Swedish video game commentator and YouTube’s most-popular figure Felix Kjellberg, aka PewDiePie is never far from controversy. | Source: AFP PHOTO / ROSLAN RAHMAN PewDiePie’s long-awaited response to the fallout from his decision to pull a $50,000 donation from the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) is here. In a typically honest display, the YouTube king demonstrates why he is so popular with a personal and touching outlook on fame that shows everything his followers love about him. PewDiePie Keeps It Real Addressing ADL Donation Fallout There are several aspects of this video…

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